Cloud Managed Services With AWS: Simplify, Streamline & Secure Your Cloud

The cloud managed services market, by some estimates, will clock a CAGR of 16% between 2024 and 2029. With widespread cloud adoption, the focus is now shifting to optimization and efficient management of operational and infrastructural costs. That’s where managed services come in.

In a managed services cloud environment, businesses have access to deep expertise in cloud management – service providers set up and run smooth secure operations that deliver scalability, agility, security and cost savings. This model helps businesses free up in-house resources to focus on core business activities.

The power of AWS Cloud Managed Services

The AWS Managed Services offering goes beyond just infrastructure management, empowering businesses to make great strides in efficiency and cost optimization. Access to expert guidance, on-demand advisory services, and robust execution support ensure your IT/cloud infrastructure thrives, liberating your team to focus on core competencies. 

Cloud managed services with AWS are part of most cloud success stories today, with companies increasingly turning to AWS Managed Services to unlock the full potential of their cloud deployments.


Security & Compliance

Get automated security monitoring, risk mitigation, preventative/detective controls & remediation for a robust AWS security posture

Bridging Skill Gaps

Navigate the cloud skill gap (over 70% by some estimates) by handing over complex workloads to experts, freeing up your internal team

Improved Availability

Boost availability with AWS Well-Architected, 24/7 active management & comprehensive incident lifecycle with resolution protocols

Efficiency with Automation & Best Practices

Cut costly & unexpected human error through automation & best practices

Customization & Control

Simplify cloud infrastructure for all end-users with customizable solutions & seamless third-party app integration

Scalability & Flexibility

Seamlessly autoscale your AWS resources to meet fluctuating demand

Agility & Faster Time to Market

Accelerate deployments & scaling, get a competitive edge with faster time to market

Proactive Upgrades

Keep your cloud environment efficient & secure with proactive maintenance, security upgrades & optimization

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Minimize downtime & avoid data loss through robust backups & recovery solutions

Cloud right: AWS Cloud Managed Services with Cloud Kinetics

Enlisting an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Cloud Kinetics enables organizations to scale their cloud usage efficiently and seamlessly, without compromising on security. By partnering with an MSP, you also get specialized expertise, proactive support and strategic guidance to optimize IT operations.

Long-term MSPs also come with a contextual understanding of the business environment of customers. This strong track record of working with cloud platforms on multiple engagements ensures an MSP is uniquely placed to apply best practices and bring in the latest relevant tools and solutions to help a business thrive in the cloud.


Cloud Managed Services with AWS and Cloud Kinetics

Optimize cloud costs, security & performance

Tap into the Cloud Kinetics edge

Over 400 advanced & speciality cloud certifications | Cutting-edge multi-cloud management platform Arcus |

As a Premier AWS Managed Services Partner, Cloud Kinetics has a strong 10+ year old association with AWS and a track record of 100+ AWS customer launches for global customers on AWS. The digital transformation, migration, modernization and data expertise of Cloud Kinetics forms a strong foundation for its managed services solutions for AWS.

Cloud Kinetics is also an award-winning premier partner of AWS, having recently won both the ASEAN Rising Star and the Innovation Partner awards. Connect with us to explore how our combined Cloud Managed Services expertise can benefit your business.

Deep AWS Expertise

Result-Oriented Execution

Robust Cloud Governance

Fortified Cloud Security

Automated Efficiency

Stringent Budget Oversight

Cloud Kinetics for AWS: Competencies & service validations

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