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cloud with FinOps

Balance business needs and cloud spending

Cutting cloud costs doesn’t have to cut
your business value

Cloud spending runs into billions worldwide, but 75% of organizations report an increase in cloud waste in surveys. FinOps with Cloud Kinetics enables you to overcome common hurdles that can derail your cloud journey and improve ROI on cloud spending.

Take data-driven decisions to optimize cloud spending, reduce wasteful expenses and boost accountability, as we help you build a robust FinOps culture for your organization.

Gain control on operational expenses with accurate forecasting

Get a centralized view on spends to avoid over & under-provisioning

Actively oversee cloud spending with dashboards & reporting

Do more with less, using automation to save time, money & resources

Power up with the FinOps framework

The FinOps Foundation framework helps enterprises develop FinOps capabilities, set up a FinOps operating model with specific roles/responsibilities, and define KPIs to measure the performance of the FinOps Centre of Excellence (CoE).
As FinOps certified practitioners, our team is fully equipped to make your cloud FinOps journey truly impactful.


Visibility & Allocation


Rates & Usage


Continuous Improvement & Operations

FinOps 101 Guide: Managing Your Cloud Spend

Our in-house experts answer the top 5 questions our customers have before embarking on a FinOps journey


Premier partnerships & alliances
for FinOps

We leverage cutting-edge FinOps tools from the industry’s best to help you get more value from your cloud.

Our FinOps expertise extends across public and private clouds and legacy data centres – Cloud Kinetics has worked on FinOps with all leading cloud service providers, including FinOps for AWS, Azure and GCP.

Gain control over your cloud spending
with our FinOps capabilities

The Cloud Kinetics team uses a proprietary horizon-maturity model and roadmap to help set your FinOps journey in motion.

With our FinOps service offerings, you can optimize cloud usage, rates, spending and also improve accountability. Get unprecedented visibility on cloud spending and do more with less!

FinOps Maturity Assessment

Assessment workshops, with a Maturity Roadmap & recommended set of actions

FinOps Tool
Proof of Value

Setup & execution of proof of value (POV) of targeted user stories, partnering with a tool vendor

FinOps 101 Training

Customized FinOps training based on FinOps Foundation Practitioner course


Enabling & uplifting your FinOps Function team to manage their own FinOps practice


Implementing & managing your FinOps practice end to end

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