Truly agile DevOps
with Cloud Kinetics

Reap the benefits of true collaboration &
enhance your efficiency

Break the silos between operations
and development

Usher in a collaborative, efficient development and delivery process, leveraging the power of DevOps services and solutions from Cloud Kinetics.

Continuous delivery

Automation to streamline processes & deployment

Improved productivity

15-20% more productive sprints

True stakeholder engagement

Better feedback loop, inputs from end-users to developers

Increased agility

Frequent updates and releases, faster time to market

Better collab & communication

Integrated IT & dev teams – common goals, more accountability, one team!

Greater visibility into outcomes

Drive operational excellence by boosting efficiency and reducing risk


Make the DevOps culture shift,
supported by Cloud Kinetics

Accelerate your agility, build resilience and deliver swifter releases and features with our comprehensive DevOps solutions & service offerings. Our DevOps Continuous Delivery Model ensures that your development, integration, deployment and delivery work in sync, streamlining processes like never before.

DevOps assessment & strategy

CI/CD pipeline blueprint & setup

Process automation/optimization

DevOps consulting

Continuous testing & automation

Security assessment & integration

Set up your DevOps with our expert consultants

Alliances that give you the competitive advantage

Today, IT leaders work with a word soup of tools and technologies. It’s a difficult environment, with complex integrations and workflows that can leave the most seasoned team struggling to deliver value, often after enormous spends.

Deploy integrations that work for your environment and your particular requirements, leveraging our industry-leading partnerships and technologies.


Code Management

Continuous Integration

Continuous Testing

Configuration Management

Security Testing


Cloud Platforms



With the DevOps approach, our clients have been able to innovate more, launch new features more often and be more responsive to their customer needs. It's clearly the cultural shift that can propel your development & deployment into a new era.

Punit Chheda

Vice President - Architecture and Solutions, Cloud Kinetics

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