AWS Cloud Implementation & Managed Cloud Support For An OTT Platform

About the client

Sony Pictures is a media conglomerate providing consumers with television, digital imaging, personal audio, home and other entertainment
Media & Entertainment


Customer wanted to host their OTT Platform, Reality Shows, Brand Websites and Microsites on Cloud. Given the nature of Business, the above workloads usually cropped up with minimal lead time. Manual infra setup was a time-consuming and tedious process.

Customer approached CK for a suitable solution to cut down the lead time needed for launching new features in the platform and new workloads. Additionally, to as Risk Mitigation Strategy, the Customer adopted a “horses-for-courses” strategy on the Cloud provider too.


The Solution comprises of carrying out a quick assessment and launch the infra quickly. CK adopted the strategy of using and/or creating AWS Cloud Formation Templates for each category (Reality Shows, Brand Websites & Microsites). The solution was implemented with 3x faster turnaround.

  • Complete Infra setup on AWS which makes it a flexible and cost-effective IT backbone for the customer
  • 3x faster turnaround times by utilizing AWS Cloud Formation for Infra Setup
  • ArcusTM Smart Multi-Cloud Platform for infra monitoring and optimization
  • Single window view of Organizational Level Cloud Spend
  • 24×7 Monitoring

Success Metrics

  • Assessment to determine which Cloud Provider fits for which requirement
  • Multi-Cloud Smart Cloud Management Platform
  • Continuous Architecture assessment and optimization
  • Programme Management across different vendors
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Level 1 Troubleshooting across services outside of Infra
Tags: Cloud Managed Services Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Migration Cloud Operations (CloudOps) Public Cloud