Application modernization with Cloud Kinetics

Future-proof your business with zero-disruption modernization solutions

Respond to growing business demands with agility

Modern digital experiences translate to streamlined processes, happier customers and better bottom lines. But if legacy applications are holding your enterprise back, application modernization is the catalyst you need. Drive business goals, accelerate time-to-market and improve operational efficiency with end-to-end legacy app modernization services.

Shed legacy debt and build flexibility and agility into your IT foundation with Cloud Kinetics.


Monolith decomposition, architecture & design of
API-driven, microservices-based solutions


Serverless architectures & offerings across major cloud platforms like AWS Lambda,
Azure Functions,
Google Cloud Functions


Industry-leading tools from Kubernetes, Docker, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), OpenShift

Transforming your tech stack:
Real-world modernization use cases & scenarios

Scale up and align your digital and data infrastructure to meet your business goals

Enhancing operational efficiency & flexibility

Modernize legacy applications built on old technology stack

Optimizing website performance for customer satisfaction

Enhance performance and responsiveness of a sluggish website to improve overall user experience

Mitigating risks & costs by upgrading applications

Modernize applications that are on old OS, DB versions, and are preventing migration to the cloud

Driving business growth & meeting user demand

Build scalability to meet demands of a growing business and rising user base

Enabling rapid adaptation & feature integration

Facilitate quick changes, addition of new features to existing applications held back by legacy architecture

Avoiding costly failures

Cut expenses on application maintenance arising from sudden failures


Application modernization isn't just about updating technology. It's about unlocking new possibilities, enhancing efficiency and empowering businesses to thrive. We are proud to be associated with leading organizations that are committed to being future ready.

Ayush Keshan

President - Application Services, Cloud Kinetics

Start your app services journey

Alliances that get you more value out of your applications

We work with the industry’s best, using a suite of tools, accelerators, platforms and resources that enhance our capabilities in application migration, containerization, DevOps and microservices architecture.


Reimagine your monolithic application footprint with
our legacy modernization offerings

Our deep, real-world expertise across microservices, serverless, containerization and other app modernization solutions enables you to use your resources more effectively and economically.

Application Portfolio Assessment
  • Tool-Based App Health & Readiness Assessment (CAST, Matilda Cloud, vFunction)
  • ServiceNow Discovery
Application Containerization
  • Docker, ROSA/Openshift
  • Kubernetes (AKS, EKS, GKE)
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Java, Spring, Python, Node JS, .Net
  • AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, Azure Functions, Google Functions
API Development & Management
  • Azure APIM, AWS API Gateway, GCP Apigee
  • Kong, Mulesoft, WSO2
CI/CD Pipelines
  • Azure DevOps, AWS Code Pipeline, GCP CloudBuild
  • Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, GitHub, Bitbucket
Full-Stack Development
  • Frontend: React, Angular, Next, Vue, Flutter, .Net
  • Backend: Node, Java, Spring, .Net, Python, Golang
  • Quality Assurance & Management
Legacy App Migration to Cloud
  • Oracle, Microsoft Workloads to Cloud
  • ITSM Modernization & Migration to Cloud

Unlock the full value of your cloud platform
with a transformative modernization approach

Our application modernization methodology begins with application discovery,  assessment and planning to drive technology transformation. We offer Integrated Solutions that use a combination of Containerization, Microservices and Serverless to deliver a seamless digital experience for your business.

Assessment &

Review your monolithic application footprint & implement a strategic roadmap using accelerators, platforms, partners to modernize your app portfolio.

Technology Modernization

Evolve legacy apps using modern frameworks & architectures. Drive technical value, harness cloud-based development & make your portfolio digital-ready.

Architectural & Platform Modernization

Adopt a platform-driven approach to cloud migration with Containerization, Kubernetes, Serverless, Event-based architectures to maximize cloud investment value.

Purpose-Built Architecture

Kick start cost-effective modernization with a phased approach that minimizes business risk, drives revenue and integrates new capabilities.