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CI/CD automation for Analytics Platform on AWS Cloud

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Customer’s core (business-critical) analytics application includes a real-time(live) sporting-event tracking and updating platform hosted on AWS. With multiple (internal and contractor) teams managing application development and production management, the customer was using an SVN-based code repository used by the (external contractor) Development team. The production deployment on cloud was then undertaken by internal teams. 


The key challenges were: 

  1. code and version management across environments
  2. the application IP was highly confidential and valuable and managing access and security across environments and teams.
  3. Handoffs across multiple teams resulted in production delays, Eros and rollbacks.

About the Client

An India-based strategic consulting, technology and analytics company for the global sports ecosystem. SportsMechanics helps sports bodies, athletes, teams, brands, broadcasters, and media achieve better outcomes and finally deliver the best-in-class experience for the fans through the stakeholders in the value chain. They work towards transforming the way the sport is organised, played, analysed and experienced. With over a decade of deep domain expertise and competence in consulting, technology and analytics across disciplines, they have mastered the art of binding the distinct technologies in the world of sports, which has resulted in creating epic results for their clients.

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CK conducted a detailed assessment to understand the current methodology and proposed a workflow that leverages AWS services.

CK recommended and implemented a solution that uses AWS Code Commit & Code Deploy with a manual approval process considering the need to have a case-to-case review of the deployments for Security and Budget reasons. A plan for implementing an automated approval process was also provided for future enhancements. This CI/CD approach was implemented across all environments namely TEST, STAGE & PRODUCTION.


  • Technical assessment of third-party application developer processes and systems
  • Smooth transition to the new CI/CD approach and training for the developers
  • Mitigation of existing security risks
  • Eliminated manual deployment of code
  • Approval process was put in place to authorize least privilege access to the Developers

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Success Metrics

  • Time: On a weekly deployment cycle, earlier deployment cycle of 8 hours, was observed to be reduced to 2 hours on average. (75% reduction in deployment time) as a direct benefit of automation
  • First-time-success ratio: ~ 90% reduction in errors during deployments
  • 3 months of closed-loop monitoring by CK Managed Services team, before achieving steady-state
  • Standardization: Consistency in process and execution across Dev, UAT and Prod environments. Reduced dependency on individual capabilities.
  • Security checks and balances implemented; customer and contractor access control policies strengthened

Lessons Learned:

Assumptions were made regarding the efficiency of using multiple (SVN for on-prem, and AWS tools for cloud) environments. This caused inconsistencies and delays in the project execution, and CK finally recommended that there be a clean, complete shift to AWS deployment techniques across all environments. 

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