Ticket to Success: Seamless Scaling With App Modernization On AWS For An Event Platform

About the client

ActiUp is an e-commerce site that connects sports event organizers with participants, optimizing ticket management and registration.
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An e-commerce platform serving as a bridge between event organizers and fans, ActiUp is one of Vietnam’s leading professional event ticketing platforms. With over 250,000+ participants served, the ActiUp platform has been used for 250+ events and has 120,000+ enrolled members so far.

As the company’s customer base rapidly grew and user demand spiked prior to events, it urgently needed a scalable, dynamic and adaptable infrastructure that could handle peak loads.


The need for game-changing scalability

ActiUp required robust infrastructure that could keep pace with its evolving business demands and absorb any volatility. Their current solution could not deliver the millisecond response times their users demanded.

ActiUp also recognized that heavy reliance on manual processes made its platform vulnerable to human errors and downtime, which could hurt customer satisfaction as they grew. Responsiveness and time for deployment fell short of what the team needed to keep pace with its growth plans. With no central control or visibility on expenses through cloud governance, cost overruns also became a concern.

“We needed a scalable infrastructure backbone to overcome latency, manual processes and cost overruns. With it, we could potentially enhance responsiveness, streamline deployments, and gain control over cloud expenses to fuel our growth and customer satisfaction. Cloud Kinetics proved to be the perfect fit to deliver this change.”
Tai Nguyen, CTO, ActiUp

ActiUp chose Cloud Kinetics, a top-tier partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to execute this massive application modernization exercise. With this intervention, the team aimed to handle peak traffic during booking sessions, expand the business on-demand and analyse customer behavior data to enhance and adapt the service offerings.


A multi-pronged modernization approach with AWS

Cloud Kinetics identified multiple solutions from AWS that would address the needs of ActiUp. These included:

  • AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to support containerized applications, easing deployment, management, and scaling microservices
  • AWS Lambda to support serverless architecture, enabling code to be run in response to triggers without the need to provision/manage servers
  • Amazon API Gateway to manage, create, publish, maintain, monitor and secure APIs at any scale
  • Application modernization using Terraform, which aligned well with contemporary approaches to software development and operations
  • Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail to monitor, log, and track performance – application, infrastructure performance, user activity and API usage
  • Amazon S3 for secure, durable, and scalable object storage

“We took an API-first approach to design, ensuring that services expose well-defined APIs that facilitate integration, interoperability and flexibility in building new features and applications.”
Johnny Le, Solution Architect, Cloud Kinetics Vietnam

Success Metrics

A transformative impact on scalability, performance and costs


improvement in scalability Uptick in the number of concurrent users or transactions supported


cost savings The new setup resulted in a dip in infrastructure costs (operational expenses)


improvement in average deployment time Time taken for deployment of new features reduced to 15 minutes from 2 days


performance improvement Average response time dropped from 5 milliseconds to 1 millisecond

After the digital transformation, scalability improved by 70%, allowing the system to handle 60% more traffic during peak loads. Users also had a more seamless experience, with the system delivering an uptime of 100% over the reporting period. The number of incidents reported by users dropped by 15%.

Latency of critical application functions, another key metric, also saw improvement – average response time dropped from 5 milliseconds to 1 millisecond, resulting in 80% improvement in performance.

The Cloud Kinetics team helped containerize 40% of applications, leading to faster deployment times and resource optimization. The ActiUp team noted a reduction in time taken to release new features – with the average deployment time dropping to 15 minutes from the 2-day average before the AWS-powered change, accelerating time to market.

“ In addition to setting up an agile, scalable system, Cloud Kinetics helped us achieve a cost reduction of 25% over the previous setup. With operational expenses on infrastructure down and significantly reduced deployment time, we will be able to fuel further growth and reach many more participants and fans, and power even more events.”
Tuan Nguyen, CEO, ActiUp

Partnering for the future

“Our partnership with Cloud Kinetics has helped us deliver a superior experience to our users and set the tone for our next level of scale-up. Going forward, we look to tapping their DevOps and cloud optimization expertise to monitor, manage and optimize our IT and cloud environment to deliver greater efficiency and performance.”
Duy Luu, DevOps Leader, ActiUp

As Phuc Anh Do, Country MD, Cloud Kinetics sums up: “Cloud Kinetics looks forward to a continued relationship with ActiUp, ensuring their IT backbone works seamlessly so that the team can focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.”

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