Puthiya Thalaimurai TV




Portal Migration to Cloud

Business Challenge

Client is a popular media house in South India and their flagship news channel was hosted in the DC. Often faced challenges with scaling up of Infra when there are flash news. The portal also had issues with crashes when concurrent users increase, delay in streaming content, issues during live streaming and non-optimized website design.

Solution Overview

  • Two stage approach to solve the issues and to migrate
  • Decouple different layers of the portal and migrate to Cloud
  • Optimized storage options for static contents
  • Revamped streaming mechanisms
  • Enabling auto scaling for application layer

Value Proposition

  • Performance tuning suggestions for portal migration
  • Suggestions to app vendor for e-architecting application
  • Ensured that app vendor leveraged cloud services
  • DevOps using AWS Code Commit and AWS Code Deploy

Solution Highlights

  • 41k+ concurrent user load during 2016 general elections
  • 4x growth in footfalls over 6 months
  • 18Mn user requests served in a single day
  • Enhanced video streaming
  • Top ranked Mobile App

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