Zero Downtime With Cloudfront Implementation For An NGO

About the client

A philanthropic organization whose mission it is to accelerate economic development in India and other emerging economies. They principally work through partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments.


Client wanted to improve their load times on their portal while keeping security as a priority. They were facing frequent downtime when running their application in Digital Ocean and were unable to find the root cause of the issue.


Cloud Kinetics implemented CloudFront with WAF. WAF formed the first layer of security and along with CloudFront, it gave enough warning and time to respond to DDoS attacks. After migrating the application to AWS with scalability, Cloud Kinetics noticed that auto-scaling was being triggered frequently. Upon analysing the access logs, it was also noticed that multiple post requests were received at a non-existent path from multiple IPs.

Cloud Kinetics implemented WAF and a corresponding rule in WAF to block the requests.

  • DDOS protection using WAF
  • Foundation to support future business growth was laid
  • Security enhancement and faster load times
  • Costs made definitive and controllable

Success Metrics

  • Zero downtime owing to DDOS attacks
  • 2x improvement in content rendering
Tags: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Solutions Content Delivery Content Delivery Network (CDN)