How A Blockchain Gaming Company Powered Growth With AWS Cloud Migration

About the client

MoonLab is a premier application development company with a focus on mobile apps, game and web development, social media marketing. MoonLab is being built to be a leading IT company in blockchain products and solutions, creating a product ecosystem in the fields of blockchain, de-fi, game-fi, social-fi and metaverse. What makes MoonLab unique and compelling is the incorporation of traditional patterns and stunning landscapes of Vietnam into the game/app.
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IT and blockchain solutions company MoonLab is all set for next-level growth as it builds its presence in blockchain, defi, gamefi, socialfi and metaverse. To achieve this, migration to the cloud has been the obvious next step. Theirs is an example of the impact digital transformation can have on overall business goals.

MoonLab is uniquely placed to tap into the potential of the rapidly growing space that is the intersection of the global gaming and blockchain industry. With a team comprising experienced blockchain developers, game developers, web developers, business analysts and testers, the company serves a diverse clientele in the region and beyond.


Why MoonLab knew it was time to move to the cloud

MoonLab had, until now, operated with an on-premises setup for their IT needs. Unfortunately, this infrastructure had several limitations that would not support the company on its more ambitious growth trajectory.

The on-premises system had high latency which impaired the experience for their clients. The data foundation needed modernization and the lack of data services readiness meant response was sluggish and proactive action for risk mitigation was not possible. No CI/CD had been deployed. The existing system also could not manage identity, access management and authentication. Scalability too was limited – and the team anticipated the need for auto-scaling going forward.


Migration to AWS, the right choice for MoonLab

Migrating the application from on-premises to AWS for the Blockchain System was the most elegant solution to most of the challenges MoonLab was facing.

The team laid out some key milestones for the migration that included:

  • Building a solid cloud infrastructure foundation
  • Creating a set of key customer cloud accounts
  • Migrating a representative set of applications to the cloud
  • Ensuring the satisfactory functioning of these on the AWS cloud

Success Metrics

How Cloud Kinetics made it happen with AWS Cloud

The team at MoonLab in consultation with the Cloud Kinetics team, decided to make use of a suite of AWS solutions including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon RDS for MySQL, AWS WAF, Amazon CloudWatch, Application Load Balancer, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

The key success criteria for the project included:

  • Submission and sign-off on Technical Architecture & Design Document for the customer portfolio, including AWS Architect for Blockchain, HA, and security considerations
  • Submission and sign-off on a suggested detailed Project Plan, including phases of cutover (Go-Live) for the identified set of all applications
  • Successful build and handover AWS Infrastructure
  • Successful completion of building the new workload on AWS

A Cloud Migration Strategy & Roadmap was charted to identify a path best suited to MoonLab’s business needs. The plan was guided by best practices, with a focus on security & service assurance. The solution built in redundancy, automation, smart monitoring, and resource optimization to ensure sustained performance improvement after the migration.

“We have ambitious growth plans and this needed more than our existing infrastructure could support. Thanks to Cloud Kinetics, MoonLab’s new cloud foundation enables boundless innovation supported by scalable infrastructure. The transformation is sustainable and brings perceptible value for our customers as well.” Huy Pham, CEO, MoonLab

MoonLab, in collaboration with Cloud Kinetics, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its technological infrastructure. Recognizing the need for scalability, security, and efficiency, the team strategically leveraged a suite of AWS solutions, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS for MySQL, AWS WAF, Amazon CloudWatch, Application Load Balancer, and Amazon VPC.

The project’s key success criteria were meticulously defined:

  • First and foremost, the team aimed to create and gain approval for a comprehensive Technical Architecture & Design Document, encompassing crucial considerations such as AWS Architect for Blockchain, high availability (HA), and robust security measures.
  • Additionally, a detailed Project Plan, delineating phased cutover (Go-Live) strategies for identified applications, was crafted and successfully submitted for approval.

The project unfolded with the successful establishment and handover of a robust AWS Infrastructure, setting the stage for the next milestone – building the new workload on AWS. The team achieved this objective seamlessly, marking a significant achievement in the overall project timeline.

A meticulous cloud migration strategy and roadmap crafted for MoonLab played a pivotal role in this success story. The cloud strategy aligned with MoonLab’s business needs, prioritizing industry best practices, robust security, and service assurance. Built-in redundancy, automation and smart monitoring ensured sustained performance improvements and resource optimization post-migration

Partnering for the Future

Phuc Anh Do, Vietnam MD, Cloud-Kinetics, explains the potential of cloud migration: “This is just the beginning of the journey for MoonLab. The new infrastructure offers scalability, automation, security, and data services readiness, giving MoonLab a competitive edge and laying the groundwork for stellar growth.

MoonLab’s success story is not merely a tale of technical migration but a testament to strategic vision and meticulous planning. The seamless transition to AWS not only met the defined success criteria but also positioned MoonLab for future growth and innovation. With a scalable, secure, and efficient AWS infrastructure in place, MoonLab is poised for continued success in its technological endeavors.

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