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CI/CD Process Automation & Deployment for Web Application on AWS Cloud

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The customer’s web application ran on native EC2 engine on AWS cloud. With rapid (agile) application development and release becoming the norm in the company, the applications team faced the following challenges.

  1. time-delays in frequent manual logging-in into each environment, and deploying code.
  2. unforced human errors (inconsistency) in repetitive task execution on multiple servers/environments.
  3. access control (had to open up access to larger contractor pool to accelerate deployment) leading to security gaps. 

CK recommended automated DevOps techniques to accelerate the application deployments and reduce failures.

About the Client

VGN Property Developers, a leading Real Estate Developer in Chennai, primarily focuses on residential projects offering Premium apartments, flats and plots for sale with best-in-class amenities. The company also engages in the development of commercial and institutional properties.

Real Estate
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CK consulted with the customer to understand the requirement and recommended to deploy the code in a phased manner. CK proposed the use of the AWS CodeCommit/Code Deploy with the help of CodePipeline taking into consideration the Security and Budget constraints. Initially, the deployment would be in the Development environment (On-Premise) and once all the testing was completed, the code would be deployed to the Production environment (hosted in AWS Cloud). By using the CodePipeline, the Code would be pulled from CodeCommit and deployed to the Production environment accordingly. The email approval strategy required by the customer was achieved with the help of AWS SNS.

  • Deliverables were provided on/before the committed deadlines
  • CI/CD Pipeline implementation
  • Security concerns faced previously by the Customer were mitigated
  • Email Approval process was set in place removing unnecessary access provided to the Customer’s development team


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Success Metrics

  • On a single (Production) environment, 50% average reduction in deployment and G-Live time was observed and reported by customer.
  • After steady-state, 9 out of 10 deployments were consistent across environments (~90% reduction in unforced human errors
  • Access control to cloud (AWS) environment was better managed.
  • Predictable costs of infrastructure and DevOps tools 

Lessons Learned:

Assumptions were made regarding the knowledge of the team at Customer side as they were using a local version of CI/CD (SVN + Jenkins). This caused inconsistencies and delays in the project execution. CK had to step in and recommend the best practices that need to be put in place so that there be a clean, complete shift to AWS deployment techniques across all environments.

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