Big Data On AWS – Smart Meters: Electricity Distributor

About the client

Largest private Electricity Distributor in East India and serves 3.0 million consumers approximately, which includes domestic, industrial and commercial users.
Energy & Utilities


  • Data collected once in 15 minutes from Smart Meters and processed at a central location
  • Processed data is moved to a database & to be retained for longer periods
  • MIS Reports generation was a bottleneck
  • Storage of large volumes of data


  • ETL process left untouched; ETL-ed data moved automatically to Cloud native Data Warehouse
  • Data aggregation at Cloud Data Warehouse created with intention to receive data periodically
  • J2EE application used to generate the required report(s) by connecting directly to the Data Warehouse

Success Metrics

  • Ability to generate reports that wasn’t possible earlier
  • Architecture designed to be highly resilient
  • Fullest potential of Cloud to help Customer produce reports
Tags: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data & Analytics Data Engineering Data Modernization Energy & Utilities