Recruitment Giant Gets
Future Ready With
AWS Well-Architected & Freshsales CRM

About the client

Sieu Viet is the leading player in the online recruitment industry in Vietnam, connecting over 10,000,000 job seekers with almost 1,000,000 recruiters via its 4 prestigious job boards.
IT Services, Online Recruitment

With over 20 years in the business and as the leading player in the online recruitment industry in Vietnam, Sieu Viet has set high standards for service quality and delivering value to customers. The company has also been committed to consistently upscaling its digital environment as it clocks steady growth.

As part of their optimization journey, Sieu Viet wanted to review their cloud infrastructure on AWS to take stock of existing capabilities and to identify next steps aligned with their business goals. In addition, a planned CRM system change was lined up as the company headed into its next phase of growth.

“Our partnership with Cloud Kinetics has been invaluable as we navigate our cloud journey and scale our digital infrastructure. Their expertise and focus on continuous optimization perfectly complement our business goals, making them a trusted partner in our transformation strategy.” Dat Vo, Head of Tech, Sieu Viet


Optimizing digital infrastructure and getting future ready

Sieu Viet had a rich client repository of both job seekers and premier recruiters. By 2022, the company consolidated its three job boards into to create a powerful unified platform for job seekers. With greater growth on the cards, the digital capabilities would need to be scaled up to meet the needs of a growing customer base.

To serve customers better and offer an enhanced experience, a strong customer information management process was also essential. To achieve this, they required a new CRM system with powerful sales analytics to make the business future ready.

Sieu Viet sought an experienced cloud transformation expert who could support these goals and zeroed in on Cloud Kinetics, a top-tier partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with deep cloud application expertise.


Writing an AWS well-architected future

Cloud Kinetics used the AWS Well-Architected framework to systematically evaluate Sieu Viet’s existing cloud architecture. The assessment focused on the six pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability. The Sieu Viet used the recommendations to scale and optimize its digital infrastructure, leveraging the AWS design principles to improve cost predictability and create a future-state workload that is secure and reliable.

The AWS well-architected evaluation brought several key benefits to Sieu Viet:

  • Improved visibility: Helped provide a holistic view of the cloud practices at Sieu Viet which made optimization easier.
  • Cost optimization: By pinpointing inefficiencies, the review recommended measures to improve cloud service utilization, leading to cost savings.
  • Enhanced security: The framework’s focus on security best practices helped identify and address potential security vulnerabilities within the Sieu Viet platform.

“We were looking at using the AWS Well-Architected framework to optimize our cloud infrastructure and Cloud Kinetics felt like the perfect match to enable this, given their expertise, top-tier partner status with AWS and track record of handling similar projects for other clients in the region.” Vuong Le, DevOps Manager, Sieu Viet

Powering insight-led contextual customer engagement with Freshsales

To further streamline operations and enhance customer interactions, Sieu Viet partnered with Cloud Kinetics to implement a new CRM solution using the Freshsales Suite. The Cloud Kinetics team helped with setup and configuration of Freshsales and its integration with existing Sieu Viet applications. Workflow design and configuration as well as user training were a part of the engagement which culminated in the final rollout.

This comprehensive CRM suite offers several key features that could improve efficiency, including:

  • Workflow automation to streamline routine tasks
  • Third-party integrations to connect with existing applications seamlessly
  • Social media unification for centralized management of social media interactions
  • Lead management tools to effectively nurture and convert leads

The CRM implementation by Cloud Kinetics equipped Sieu Viet with full customer insights, easier sales tracking, and more contextualized engagement with customers. It also translated to time savings through workflow automation and reduced manual effort.

Success Metrics

Architecting success with the AWS Well-Architected advantage

AWS Well-Architected Review with Cloud Kinetics

“The AWS Well-Architected framework is a proven industry standard for improving a business’ AWS workload. We have seen it help our clients zero in on possible improvements and optimize workloads to run on reduced costs. Leveraging it right, enterprises can build better applications on a foundation of cloud services.” Phuc Anh Do, Managing Director – Vietnam, Cloud Kinetics

The AWS Well-Architected framework has laid the foundation for creating a high-performing, efficient infrastructure that is also resilient and secure. In addition to improvements on performance and security KPIs, the business saw cloud costs going down in the months ahead.

Acting upon the results of the AWS Well-Architected framework process, Sieu Viet is expecting to see a reduction in cloud costs by 15-20% and improved security posture, helping thwart security incidents.

Geared for growth with the Freshsales suite

The Freshsales Suite was the right fit as a sales automation solution to help the company deliver on customer requirements even as they scale. The sales team can now categorize new leads with greater accuracy to enable prioritization and better conversion/deal closures. A convenient central dashboard with reporting capabilities facilitates sales team management and monitoring, while readily accessible data and insights helps evaluate performance, plan strategy, and drive further growth.

“The Freshsales implementation carried out by Cloud Kinetics over a short span of time was smooth and efficient, making the entire migration to the new CRM a seamless experience for us.” Tu Bui, Product Manager, Sieu Viet

Before implementing a CRM, sales activity tracking had been a challenge. Freshsales CRM has operationalized this process, ensuring all sales activities are captured. This empowers sales managers to monitor team workflows, identify areas for improvement, and optimize overall sales effectiveness.


faster lead reception Freshsales CRM reduced lead receive time by 90%, from 10 minutes to 1 minute.


adoption by sales team The sales team is now highly engaged with 100% adoption – a significant improvement over previous CRM usage.


sales activity management Complete sales activity tracking visibility has empowered managers, optimizing team workflows & performance.


faster lead processing Lead processing TAT improved dramatically, from 1 day to just 1-3 hours after receiving leads.

Partnering for the future 

As Sieu Viet doubles down on its growth plans, the groundwork put in place by way of the cloud architecture review and the new CRM from Freshworks will help them scale in a sustainable way for continued success.

“Our partnership with Cloud Kinetics has been invaluable as we navigate our cloud journey and scale our digital infrastructure. Their expertise and focus on continuous optimization perfectly complement our business goals, making them a trusted partner in our transformation strategy.” Dat Vo, Head of Tech, Sieu Viet

Cloud Kinetics Vietnam MD Phuc Anh Do sums it up: “Cloud Kinetics looks forward to supporting Sieu Viet in other capacities on their journey. Our synergy with AWS and other cloud ecosystem leaders and the strong track record in the region makes Cloud Kinetics uniquely positioned to help enhance Sieu Viet’s digital capabilities.”

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