Amazon Connect Implementation: Hospitality

About the client

A premier in chain of operated hotels, homes, managed living and work spaces. Their primary aim is to challenge the traditional rental system which usually includes high initial costs and complicated contract flow into a simpler and technology driven rental service experience.


Customer intended to provide their end-customers with a seamless telephony based customer service experience by adding features such as preferred language calls, voice mail facility etc. on AWS Connect and its affiliate products.


Cloud Kinetics proposed to create separate contact flows for Customer Service, New Booking and Corporate Consumer with Voicemail added as a separate flow. Multi-language support option was provided to the end-users to choose their preferred language. Calls will be routed to the Voicemail facility when all agents are busy; this helped save time for end-users by avoiding long wait times. Customer’s existing ticketing system was integrated with AWS Connect for better user experience where details of the caller were made available to the agents, if available.

Voicemail messages were processed using Kinesis streams, converted to text using Amazon Transcribe and stored in the respective tickets to assist the agents.

  • Personalized IVR based on the properties that the caller is associated with
  • Option to have the IVR based on the Customer’s preferred language
  • Option for Customer to leave a voicemail
  • Near real-time voice-to-text conversion for quicker response time
  • Integration with Customer’s CRM
  • Integration with Customer’s Ticketing system

Success Metrics

  • Call flows created to suit Business needs
  • Incoming and Outgoing call facilities
  • Voicemail facility using Amazon Transcribe & Kinesis
  • Voice-to-text conversion in near real-time
  • Integration with Custom CRM & Ticketing System
  • Platform-based approach which can be reused in future
Tags: Amazon Web Services (AWS) App Modernization Cloud Applications CRM Hospitality