>50% Improvement In User Retention With AWS Cloudfront

About the client

Broadcasting & Media Production Company delivering Tamil news VOD based news content and flash news segments through desktop and multi-device platforms with custom ad-serving.
Media & Entertainment


Client wanted to increase revenue through customized ad-serving & uninterrupted service on AWS and improve their Alexa ranking.


Cloud Kinetics moved the client from Akamai-based on-premise system to AWS cloud with CloudFront. This resulted in ability of the application to sustain the Tamil Nadu election season without a hitch, improved ad-revenue and dramatically improved Alexa ranking. The site is served using three CloudFront distributions. The application CloudFront routes traffic to an ELB which in turn routes to an auto-scaled PHP application running CentOS on EC2 instances. The data is served using a MySQL RDS with a read-replica for read queries. Additional CloudFronts backed by S3s are used for VOD content and Images.

  • Foundation to support future business growth was laid
  • Costs are definitive and controllable
  • Improved Ad-revenue
  • Improved Alexa ranking
  • Smoother User Experience
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Improved User Retention

Success Metrics

  • 20% increase in footfalls to their channel
  • 2x improvement in content rendering
  • >50% improvement in user retention, near-zero downtime, improved Alexa rating
Tags: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Solutions Content Delivery Content Delivery Network (CDN)