Multi-Region Cloud Migration With Minimal Downtime

About the client

ABP Weddings


Client is a leading matrimony website in India, with application driving the business. Geographic spread of resources put regulatory (data residency) compliance at risk. Upgrades of resources and improved network performance was required.

  • Data residency compliance on cloud assets
  • Performance improvement
  • Improve access and security controls on the cloud assets


  • Identified and recommended resources to migrate to India region from other regions
  • Identified resources for capacity upgrades, using newer EC2 Instance versions
  • Automated steps for complete migration of all resources (network, storage, compute and data) to new region in ARMS platform
  • Plan and process for bulk, and point-in-time restore of data
  • Enforced access and security best practices
  • Architected AWS Infrastructure following recommended AWS best practices
  • Automated migration toolkit on Arcus enabled faster, error-free migration of resources with minimal downtime
  • Arcus platform enabled tagging of resources according to multiple departments

Success Metrics

  • Migration cutover achieved with zero error and minimal downtime CK Architecture and Design services
Tags: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Migration Public Cloud