Implementation Of A Stomer Data Hub Implementation On AWS For A MNC Conglomerate

About the client

A global conglomerate with diversified presence across industries. The customer is a well-known global player with diversified presence in FMCG, Hotels, Packaging, Paperboards & Specialty Papers and Agri-Business. The conglomerate creates sustainable livelihoods for more than 6 million people.
Manufacturing & Logistics


The customer was creating a specialized platform called Consumer Data Hub which provided data related to consumer reactions gathered from a variety of sources, to help provide valuable insights into consumer emotional analytics. Customer wanted to deploy their platform in AWS Cloud. With challenging deadlines, stringent security and complex networking requirements, the customer wanted a cutting-edge solution on AWS with swift turnaround times.


  • CK architected the AWS infrastructure with the required solution and following recommended AWS best practices.
  • S3 buckets were created for storing raw data, curated data and segmented data.
  • CK setup the Matillion cluster for ETL and Redshift for querying curated output data as well.
  • Also, CK considered Lambda function and EC2 instances for transferring data from curated bucket to the Redshift cluster.
  • The whole solution had to run using a secondary AD on AWS without exposing user related information.
  • Complicated network setup accomplished within the security boundaries defined by the Customer’s InfoSec team
  • Closely worked with Customer’s Application vendor team to install, setup and configure Matillion Cluster
  • Assisted in setting up the Lambda functions and also helped troubleshoot issues within the code written in the Lambda functions
  • Setting up of Secondary AD on Cloud without exposing any user related data to outside world
  • 24×7 monitoring through ArcusTM platform for infra monitoring and managing the Cloud Resources

Success Metrics

  • Highly Secure Network confining to the boundaries defined by Customer’s InfoSec team
  • AWS KMS for encrypting data-at-rest while data-in-transit uses secure connectivity
  • AWS Redshift setup and optimization of queries
  • Costs are definitive and controllable
  • Simplicity and transparency of cloud infrastructure setup and costs facilitated for Customer
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