Data Migration On AWS Cloud For HiLife

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HiLife is a Singapore-based technology company focused on improving the quality of living in homes and communities. It offers real estate developers, managing agents, and condominium residents a web-based application that taps technologies such as smart home voice control, car license plate recognition and other features to digitalize community activities, such as booking condominium facilities.
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As HiLife was growing its business, it needed to place greater focus on enhancing its smart community application. HiLife recognised that it had grown to the point where it needed a trusted cloud consulting partner to help deploy new IT infrastructure and Managed Services.


Cloud kinetics managed platform consists of 24-hour enterprise monitoring services backed by a team of certified and experienced cloud engineers, allowing it to perform full managed services with committed Service Level Agreements (SLA) for its customers. Its flexible model gives them the freedom to choose the level of support they need, whether it might be just a few business hours, or round-the-clock proactive and reactive management for the entire IT ecosystem..

hiLife want to focus on delivering value to their customers, without being bogged down with non-core functions. As the pace of innovation — and customer demand — for innovative products accelerates, they can look forward to leveraging the combined technical expertise of AWS and Cloud kinetics to shorten time to market,

Building on the success of its hybrid cloud and data storage offerings throughout past years, Cloud Kinetics now works with clients both big and small, across a wide range of industry sectors. It has many different teams within the business that specialize in varied technology areas. It can tailor solutions to specifically meet its customer’s requirements and SLAs.

Scalability Management

Scalability is an immediate concern for organizations experiencing rapid growth or are looking to expand their operations into different markets. Cloud Kinetics helps its customers to deploy and manage operations overseas in their entirety. By implementing the right cloud architecture to facilitate the easy monitoring of resource trends in different regions, Cloud Kinetics ensures that workloads such as user traffic are efficiently managed, and resources are consistently scaled to meet varying organizational demands at speed.

Incidence and Continuity Management

Cloud Kinetics also ensures the availability and durability of its customers’ market applications. Continued business expansion leads to increasing production workloads and larger user bases, which can in turn lead to more instances of database faults. Cloud Kinetics Managed Services leverages the right tools to more systematically monitor the health of its customers’ IT infrastructure and resources. By facilitating automatic failover in the event of database failure, Cloud Kinetics keeps its customers’ applications up-and-running, without the need for manual intervention.

Storage Backup Management

Cloud Kinetics also helps to manage the storage and backups of its clients’ user data, ensuring that backup success rates are high, and time spent on troubleshooting is minimized. By helping its customers take their data storage to the cloud, Cloud Kinetics removes the need to size or invest upfront in storage backups across the different locations that its customers may operate in. Cloud Kinetics Managed Services helps its customers to consolidate and monitor all their backup operations from a single view, optimizing control and reducing the need for troubleshooting.

Security and Access Management

Cloud Kinetics Managed Services ensures that its customers’ data is protected and their IT infrastructure is secure. With anti-virus protection, intrusion detection and prevention systems, IFF maintains the security posture of its clients, and can quickly recognize and respond to data breaches or intrusions.

Success Metrics

As hiLife Interactive set its sights to grow its operations in Singapore and expand into other regional markets, it wanted to enhance its smart community application, hiLife. It needed a proficient managed services provider to help with the implementation, deployment and management of new IT infrastructure that would facilitate greater scalability as its user base grew, and allow it to focus on improving the hiLife application.

In 2018, hiLife Interactive reached out to Cloud Kinetics for help with its data center migration as it expanded into Thailand and Vietnam. With over 60,000 users in Singapore, and more expected from new markets, hiLife was under increasing pressure to maintain 99.9 percent availability without compromising on scalability. This influx of new users meant that hiLife needed to manually intervene whenever it could not cope with its varying application traffic load. Although it had already chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its IT demands, hiLife recognized that AWS held further potential to improve the configuration and automation of its solution, and boost collaboration and communication between its teams. Realizing it had grown to the point where it needed a trusted cloud consulting partner to help deploy new IT infrastructure, it turned to Cloud Kinetics.

AWS, as the market leader, is widely recognized for a number of strengths. When hiLife was established four years ago, the most important business need was flexibility. In order to expand their operations quickly, hiLife needed a partner that could fully manage the deployment of their application, allowing them to focus on speeding up their software development cycle.

With AWS and Cloud Kinetics, we can now concentrate on areas like enabling the early detection of integration bugs, or improving the staging, testing and production of automated code for hiLife., As hiLofe grows overseas, AWS and Cloud Kinetics regional presence gives me the confidence it will continue to support hiLife every step of the way.

With AWS and Cloud Kinetics Managed Services, hiLife now has access to developer tools that can be used to achieve a fully secured, scalable and easily maintained integration environment. These services have simplified the provisioning and automation of application code deployment, software release processes, and IT infrastructure monitoring, allowing HiLife to market its application at speed. By leveraging the experience and technical proficiency that the Cloud Kinetics Managed Services team provides, hiLife has also been able to easily navigate the complex policies and legal requirements of deploying its application across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

Today, HiLife has managed to break away from the traditional framework of application deployment, by relying on Cloud Kinetics to not just deploy, but manage its operations overseas instead of building an in-house Dev-Ops team. HiLife has been able to save up to 35% on costs and place its focus on product innovation instead. With the continuous integration and continuous delivery model that Cloud Kinetics has introduced, the process of rolling out the hiLife application across future target markets has been shortened from 20% amount of time, to a matter of hours.

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