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CI/CD with IaC for Data Analytics & Engagement Platform on AWS Cloud

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The platform was focused towards the media industry which was going through a rapid change with the adoption of streaming technologies and over-the-top (OTT) services. The customer’s Analytics & Engagement platform was hosted in a virtualized environment in a US-based Data Centre and was serving customers in the US, India, Israel, etc.


  • Big Data engine was key component in the architecture. With growing data, it was hard to manage the storage capacity in the data center
  • Lacked scalability with existing production environments
  • Requirements to host the application in a location closer to the media providers region of operations for better customer experience
  • Short-term POC environment had to be provisioned for end-customers with a quick turnaround time
  • Manual build of the POC or Production environments for end-customers within their Cloud or on-premise data centers were time consuming and human-error prone

About the Client

A US-based technology company offering a unique cloud-based data analytics and engagement intelligence platform which allows content owners and distributors to optimise customer value, satisfaction and monetize great digital experiences for their users by delivering appropriate, timely, and seamless interactions across devices and markets.

Media & Entertainment
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Cloud Kinetics conducted a comprehensive study of the existing environment to know its Technology Stack; Infrastructure & Application design; Security, Scalability & Performance criteria 

Upon completion of the study, CK came up with the following deliverables. 

  1. Detailed design proposal for an Automated deployment of the infrastructure on AWS
  2. Identification of automation tools – Hashicorp Terraform, Hashicorp Packer, Python, etc.
  3. Automated provisioning of infrastructure & application using Terraform based Infra-as-Code (IaC) templates for the automated deployment of 
    • AWS account security & governance best practices and baselines (AWS GuardDuty, Config, IAM Policies, Cloud Trial, Flow Logs, etc.)
    • Network setup & isolation – VPC, Subnets, ACLs, Security Groups, etc.
    • Creation of compute resources like EC2 instances, Load Balancers, RDS instances, Elastic File Systems, etc.
    • Installation and configuration of application software post infrastructure creation
  4. Customizable Form-based input for the IaC templates
  5. Complete redesign of Infrastructure architecture that enabled quick turnaround times in provisioning of newer environments

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Success Metrics

  • 50% reduction in time taken for customizing new environments by using editable pre-deployment IaC input form
  • >70% reduction in deployment time owing to automation of CI/CD approach
  • 100% assurance on definitive and controllable costs for PoC and Dev environments by including IaC-based decommissioning of resources 
  • Zero errors on customizable, repeatable & extensible templates with industry standard best practices

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