Customized CRM Software On AWS For A Non-Banking Financial Corporation

About the client

A leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). Provider of financing services for the purchase of automotive and consumer durables. The company offers affordable two-wheeler, used car, tractor, used commercial vehicle, consumer durable loans, three-wheeler and MSME loans through its specialized financing scheme, that enable the buyers to get easy financing at a very low cost of interest which they wish to purchase.


The Customer wanted to setup a customized CRM software (INFOR) on AWS Cloud. INFOR CRM provides comprehensive capabilities for managing sales, marketing and customer service activities and information across any enterprise. Customer’s requirement was to have the UAT environment initially setup and have the Production environment later implemented on AWS Cloud mimicking the UAT setup. The entire setup had to be monitored 24×7 with continuous attention towards optimization based on usage.


CK initially architected the solution with the sizing provided by the Customer and their Application vendor. All through the initial stages of the discussion, CK had indicated that there was room for improvement as that could be tried out in the UAT before moving to Production. Customer agreed to the approach of trying out in POC and CK built the UAT environment with the provided specifications. Post trials by the Application Team, Customer requested CK to resize the environment to optimize spend. The AWS infrastructure catered to both short-term and long-term goals, and stop/start schedules were immediately setup to optimize the cost further.

  • Deliverables were met before the committed deadlines
  • Client carried out app testing and reverted indicating that their success criteria were met
  • Recommendations to run on optimized infra sizing
  • 24×7 monitoring through ArcusTM platform for infra monitoring and managing the Cloud Resources
  • Customer requested to recreate the UAT environment owing to an error in App Installation which was done within a day
  • Assistance for load testing from Application Team

Success Metrics

  • Reuse existing WAF solution for the entire setup
  • Reuse existing SSL certificates to ensure CRM setup is accessible over secure protocol
  • Encryption of data-at-rest using AWS KMS
  • Ability to mimic the UAT setup with minimal effort to create Production
Tags: Amazon Web Services (AWS) App Modernization Cloud Applications