Overcoming IT Industry Challenges With Data Migration

About the client

Asyst provides advanced IT solutions for transportation, travel and related industries. Their systems have been proven to give clients and users a key edge over their industry competitors, by setting benchmarks in every area of the transportation and travel business and cultivating cutting-edge products and applications
Travel, Transport & Logistics


For years, Asyst had maintained its servers and network but felt increasingly constrained by its infrastructure. They needed a solution to increase flexibility speed and is reliable without issues. To minimize service disruption, they hoped to make the on-premise migration to the cloud as efficient as possible.


With careful consideration, Cloud Kinetics geared up to migrate nearly 100 workloads on more than 100 containers, with GCP automated migration tools. During the migration cutover, engineers ran a highly automated machine conversion and orchestration process, allowing even the most complex applications and databases to run natively on GCP without issues.

Success Metrics

  • Implementation and migration process done efficiently
  • Migration time – Only few weeks with minimal downtime
  • Helped ASYST to minimize error-prone manual processes by automatically converting the source servers from physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure to run natively on GCP.
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