AWS Infra Provisioning With High Availability For A Retail Solutions Company

About the client

A prominent POS (Point of Sale) system service provider in the Asia Pacific region. They specialize in providing Retail Management Solutions, F&B (Food and Beverage) services, and Consumer Services for businesses operating physical stores and online e-commerce platforms.


the customer aims to migrate their applications from on-premises production servers to the AWS cloud through a Lift-and-Shift migration strategy. Their main objectives are to reduce the maintenance burden associated with managing applications and infrastructure, optimize workload management, and eliminate frequent infrastructure outages to enhance resilience of their systems


Provisioning Infrastructure on AWS: The proposed solution involves setting up the required infrastructure on AWS to host the customer applications. This includes provisioning compute resources, storage options, and networking components to meet the specific requirements of their applications.

Infrastructure Assessment: A comprehensive assessment will be performed to analyze the existing on-premises infrastructure, applications, and security requirements. This evaluation will help identify any gaps or potential areas for improvement before migrating to AWS.

End-to-End Specifications: Based on the assessment, detailed end-to-end specifications will be designed and documented. These specifications will cover the necessary components, including servers, storage, and security elements, ensuring a comprehensive and well-planned migration process.

Phased Migration Planning: The migration of applications will be planned and executed in a phased approach, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition. This allows for a controlled migration process that can be closely monitored and validated.

Native AWS Security and Logging/Audit Tools: The solution will implement native AWS security and logging/audit tools to enhance the overall security posture of the customer applications to protect against common threats and potential security breaches, further strengthening their resilience against cyber threats. This includes AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall), AWS Shield Basic (DDoS protection), AWS CloudTrail (logging and auditing), AWS GuardDuty (threat detection), AWS KMS (Key Management Service), and AWS Config (compliance monitoring).

Reduced Maintenance Burden: By migrating to AWS, the customer can offload the responsibility of infrastructure maintenance, allowing them to focus more on their core business activities and application development rather than managing hardware and software maintenance.

Workload Optimization: The migration to AWS enables workload optimization, providing scalability and flexibility to adjust resources based on demand. This dynamic scalability ensures that the applications can handle varying workloads, providing resilience during peak usage periods and optimizing costs during low-demand periods.

Elimination of Infrastructure Outages: The AWS cloud offers high availability and fault-tolerant infrastructure, reducing the risk of frequent infrastructure outages. With multi-availability zone deployments and redundant architecture, customer can achieve improved reliability and uptime for their applications, ensuring uninterrupted services to their customers and enhancing overall resilience.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: By implementing native AWS security and logging/audit tools, Integrated Retail can strengthen the security of their applications and data. These tools provide protection against common threats, facilitate compliance monitoring, and enable effective incident response.

Scalability and Cost Optimization: AWS provides on-demand scalability, allowing customer to scale resources as per their requirements. This ensures efficient resource allocation and cost optimization, enabling them to align their infrastructure costs with business needs while maintaining the resilience of their systems.

Success Metrics

The proposed solution offers the customer a seamless Lift-and-Shift migration to the AWS cloud with a scalable, secure, and highly available infrastructure for hosting their applications. By incorporating resilience design principles throughout the migration process in combination with the AWS native services, the solution enhances the resilience of their systems against potential disruptions, security threats, and infrastructure outages, providing a reliable and robust environment for their applications and operations.

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