Infra Migration To AWS Cloud: Helping A New-Age Tech Enterprise Drive Scalability

About the client

J-Technologies Ltd (J-Tech) is a new-gen enterprise with a vision of delivering superior information technology solutions and is a part of the Indo Shell Group, a conglomerate specializing in indigenized auto component manufacturing, serving top automobile majors across the globe.
J-Tech provides integrated IT solutions to manage their clients’ business complexities, and their team of seasoned professionals caters to all kinds of IT-related requirements and deliver industry-standard applications. J-Tech’s flagship product J-Track is a proven and time-tested application that provides GPS tracking, integrated with RFID and fuel sensor technology, to meet its clients transportation and logistics requirements.
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New-gen enterprise J-Tech’s flagship product J-Track is a web-based application that helps customers across different domains GPS-track their vehicles. J-Tech needed help moving to a reliable, scalable hosting provider as their infrastructure didn’t scale as needed during peak demand hours.


GPS tracking support infrastructure that wouldn’t scale

J-Track was hosted on a colocation data centre. The application faced several issues related to the scaling of infrastructure based on demand during peak usage hours. This affected the client’s core business, leading to data loss and declining customer experience.

J-Tech was on the lookout for alternative solutions to their current data centre.

J-Track is a vital application for our customers across sectors and it was crucial that it performed reliably and was highly available. When we decided to move the J-Track infrastructure to a more reliable hosting provider, we needed a partner who could help us do it seamlessly – and Cloud Kinetics fit the bill. Ravichandran K, General Manager, J-Tech


Stress testing new infrastructure with a POC

After a careful analysis of J-Tech’s requirements, Cloud Kinetics proposed moving J-Track to an Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based solution. Our expert team assessed the application architecture and adopted a Proof of Concept (POC) approach to check the compatibility of J-Track with hosting applications.

The POC was carefully designed with pre-agreed success criteria for scaling upon peak load and servicing all incoming requests. The client, for their part, designed and deployed a load test to stress the infrastructure during the POC in the AWS environment.

During the POC, a three-member Cloud Kinetics team, working alongside J-Tech and AWS personnel, provisioned instances of servers hosting J-Track, with auto-scaling features for J-Track’s core modules, receivers, the web application and the database. The solution consisted of an Amazon Linux OS on an Apache Web Server, with MySQL on EC2 and .NET middleware.

The client’s load test stressed the application to ensure that scaling happened without a hitch. Cloud Kinetics provisioned all the required infrastructure for the testing to be carried out, and handed it over to the client to perform their testing. The POC was measured as per the predefined success criteria, ensuring that the application could successfully scale and serve all incoming requests.

Project Highlights 

  • Pre-POC: Application Compatibility checks were performed of J-Track deployment in the AWS environment
  • During the POC: A scalable solution to serve the necessary load was tested through a load test
  • Post-POC: Cloud Kinetics ensured that all the security services necessary for basic hygiene as well as securing the environment were deployed and in place.

Success Metrics

An optimal, scalable AWS solution that provided 24X7 support 

The POC proved to be a success. The infra design and deployment with AWS met all the success criteria and serviced all incoming requirements seamlessly. Following the successful completion of the POC, the infrastructure was promoted into the production environment. This environment was secured via the necessary AWS Security Services including CloudTrail and GuardDuty.

Moving our infrastructure to a more reliable hosting provider was a critical decision for our business. We needed a partner who could make this complex process seamless and efficient. From meticulously provisioning for the load test to optimizing our infrastructure and collaborating closely with the data centre, Cloud Kinetics took complete charge of the migration and attended to every detail, ensuring our systems ran flawlessly. Balaji Jagadeesan,  Managing Director, J-Tech

Once J-Track was productionized in the new AWS environment, a vital GPS application was back on track, literally and figuratively. Ensuring high availability and reliability for this vital application also  meant J-Tech customers could rely completely on its safety and economy parameters.

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