Angkasa Pura Supports: Working More Seamlessly With Google Cloud

About the client

Established in 2012, Angkasa Pura Supports is one of the four subsidiaries set up by Angkasa Pura Airports, which strives to achieve its vision as a world-class airport in Indonesia. Angkasa Pura Supports takes care of the procurement and delivery of goods and services.


APS was in the midst of transforming its current on-premises IT infrastructure to be more agile and less limited by hardware and its considerably long turnaround time. The company wanted to better meet industry demands and keep up with the constantly changing aviation environment. The company had security concerns on existing server environment that was run on large servers and networking devices.


Cloud Kinetics assessed the APS environment & provided migration methodology based on each workload groups. All of the on-premises apps now run on Google Cloud, which include databases, file servers, web applications, e-procurement, e-recruitment, online contracts, & in-house applications. All workloads are being protected with Managed Security Service with in-house SIEM monitoring system.

Success Metrics

  • IT footprint significantly reduced by more than 90%
  • Shorter security implementation process time from two hours down to 15 minutes
  • Goods and services procurement time shortened from three months to three weeks
  • Delivers reliable infrastructure after cloud migration
  • Reduced monthly maintenance costs by 20% overall
  • Significantly lower up-front capital costs
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