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Cloud Kinetics recognized as Amazon Forecast Partner by AWS

Cloud Kinetics has been recognized as a Amazon Forecast Partner by AWS

Cloud Kinetics is proud to be officially recognized as an Amazon Forecast Partner in Asia Pacific by AWS. As a recognized Partner, Cloud Kinetics is able to support customers to efficiently build highly precise forecasts for various business use cases, including demand forecasting, inventory, and resource planning. Cloud Kinetics has already worked with a few customers to build prediction models including a major bank in Thailand.

Amazon Forecast is a fully managed service that uses machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts. It combines time series data with additional variables to build forecasts for customers looking to leverage their historical data to produce accurate forecasts. It uses Machine Learning to run the data through various prediction models and selects the most accurate one.

Amazon Forecast in Arcus

Cloud Kinetics, Amazon Forecast Partner has gone one step further and has integrated Amazon Forecast in their Cloud Management Platform (CMP) – Arcus. Our Managed Services clients and other customers get access to cloud spend forecasting feature in the Arcus Platform. The feature is built on Amazon Forecast and provides a powerful visualisation of cloud spend across various levels of slice and dice of cost data. This helps business decision makers to maintain a clear view of their Cloud spends across regions, services and tags.

The in-built Forecast of cost has proved to be a solid game-changer to our customer stakeholders as they are now able to budget their IT spend with confidence based on their own usage patterns across regions, services and cloud providers.

– Ramesh Nistala, Chief Product Officer (Cloud Kinetics)

The forecast is granular to the level of services used and this helps the business make better budgeting plans as they support their digital transformation initiatives.

Contact us if you are looking to forecast customer demand and related inventory levels, predict key financial metrics such as revenue, expenses, and cash flow across multiple time-periods and monetary units, planning staffing levels, advertising inventory, and raw material for manufacturing or for your unique business case where we can help.

At Cloud Kinetics, we believe that the right digital strategy can help companies increase their competitive advantage and enhance customer experience. That is where we have built our core expertise. As a certified MSP, we tirelessly work towards accelerating our clients’ business transformation journeys by using cutting-edge platform-driven services. We do this in an agile, responsive and scalable manner, ensuring a significant positive impact on business with minimal disruption. Feel free to Contact our Cloud Experts for a non-obligatory discussion. Write to us at

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