ARMS (Arcus Region Migration Automation) – An Overview

With great frequency, and with unerring periodicity, more AWS regions have been announced and established. Existing AWS Customers in these countries/regions, now have the option to migrate to a near shore region and this phenomenon is expected to continue. Let’s see how The Arcus- Region Migration service (ARMS) is a Value Add.

Why migrate to a closer AWS Region

When would customers have an use case to migrate to a different AWS region ? Some causes may include:

• Data Residency regulations : With regulators in countries framing comprehensive data security laws to protect Information privacy, data residency inside geographical boundaries becomes important.

• Reduced Latency (~30 ms), means faster access and better performance for local users, especially when the business consumers are in-country

• Provides an opportunity for grouping the workloads by Business Unit / Department in multiple accounts for more effective control on budget and charge backs, also very useful during the time of consolidation

• Cleanup & Modernization of existing Resources: Not all resource types are available in all regions, modernization to higher capacity resources for better performance is a strong reason for region migration


While migration of any live business application involves meticulous planning and execution considering the Business continuity requirements, the migration within the cloud offers certain inherent benefits. Imaging of machines and data, and easy transfer of data within cloud enable the migration.

However, as with any IT system, the number of custom configurations (network ACL, security rules, system schedules etc) are the ones that need manual attention.

Cloud Kinetics Cloud Management suite, Arcus, enables automated migration of AWS resources across regions in a seamless fashion.

The Arcus- Region Migration service (ARMS) is built to help customers migrate their AWS resources across regions in a seamless, efficient and error-free process. ARMS(Arcus Region Migration Automation) is the migration service backed by Dashboard driven, toolset based approach which has been evolved based on CK experience of helping hundreds of customers migrate into cloud across the globe, with applications, Database instances safely and seamlessly migrated.

ARMS Value Add

ARMS(Arcus Region Migration Automation) helps in the following ways:

• Accurate discovery of the existing assets in the source region using our custom agentless discovery tool with just a read-only access to your cloud account to help us size the engagement and plan effectively.

• Tool driven Migration approach to effectively control risks around migration of not miss out on key pre- requisites. Encompasses templatized approach with packages such as Terraform.

• Dashboard to keep track of migration activities and assets created, with quick summary reports on progress made at any time.

• Experienced Solution Architects and continuously evolving DevOps toolkits integrated into Arcus will ensure our support for seamless and successful migration, handle the aspects of migrating services with minimal impact to application per the business needs.

Next Steps…

Customers happy to see a new AWS region come up in-country or nearby, and wishing to migrate their AWS environment with least disruption, can reach out to CK team at

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