Driving Secure Next-Level Growth For A Digital Health Platform With GCP

About the client

ALODOKTER is the number one digital health platform in Indonesia, with more than 26 million active users every month and more than 30 thousand doctors on the platform. All health information available at ALODOKTER is compiled in Indonesian, which is easy to understand for users; this content is also reviewed by a team of empanelled doctors.


An end-to-end digital healthcare solution with over 26 million users, Alodokter saw groundbreaking uptake in Indonesia and needed to step up to next-level growth. Scalability could not come at the cost of safety or reliability. The trust of millions of users was paramount. The right IT solution needed to blend efficiency of business operations and support growth with security and reliability.


Cloud Kinetics leveraged Google Cloud CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) solutions to give Alodokter a secure cloud platform supported by GCP-powered analytics. Professional Google-Cloud-certified engineers from Cloud Kinetics provided continuous cloud optimization (CO) support and enabled Alodokter to efficiently manage their cloud infrastructure.

Success Metrics

Since Alodokter first collaborated with Cloud Kinetics, the health platform has seen a marked overall improvement. Improved security with a professionally managed, trustworthy MSP team has meant the team at Alodokter can focus on core business growth, tracking and monitoring growth metrics. This has fuelled innovation and should translate to tangible business gains in the years ahead.

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