Driving Flexibility & Agility With A Hybrid Multi-Cloud K8 Solution

About the client

Singapore’s national teacher education institute which prepares teachers by providing teacher professional & school leadership development programmes


The client required a multicloud solution that is able to burst workload across multiple cloud service providers – AWS, Azure, GCP & Huawei Cloud, to meet varying workload demands as well as a containerization platform that is built on-premise catered for non-burstable workloads. To allow their digital services team to publish and roll out new applications, a container CI/CD pipeline has to be implemented for faster and more frequent releases.


Cloud Kinetics designed a hybrid multicloud K8s architecture that is able to handle both non-burstable (on-prem only) and burstable workloads that can be distributed across on-prem and multiple cloud providers based on specific requirements. The solution provides the client with the flexibility and scalability to scale their workloads dynamically and ensure efficient utilization of resources.

  • Type-1 non-burstable (on-prem only) workloads, type-2 burstable workloads consisting on-prem to multiple cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, & Huawei integration to handle additional workloads
  • Hybrid multicloud K8s architecture designed in view of the burstable workloads
  • A total revamp of network architecture to encompass the business requirements

Success Metrics

  • Compliance: On-premise containerization platform to meet norms
  • Flexibility: Hybrid multicloud architecture to handle burstable workload
  • Process Improvement: CI/CD pipeline aids easy rollout of new applications
Tags: Cloud Infrastructure Containerization Education Kubernetes Multi-Cloud