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Data Analytics

Intelligent Data Analytics is essential for modern business to enable real-time decision making.

Our Data Engineering team drives Analytics & Business Intelligence through Data Modernization.

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Seamless Data Movement

Numerous data sources and their varying size and speed is a norm for most businesses today due to demanding customer needs. We help our customers establish efficient movement of such crucial business data into a modern data pipeline.

Scalable Data Lakes

Data from core business applications like ERP, CRM, Manufacturing & HR systems coupled with log/stream data from telemetry, IoT devices to name a few, present a unique challenge for effective analysis. At CK, our teams are experienced to set-up data lakes to ingest structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into efficient cloud native storage, to drive data analytics at scale.

Dashboards & Visualization

Customizable dashboards with slice/dice across dimensions places the power of data analytics in the hands of the business leaders. CK teams help to build effective data visualizations using the most optimal graphical representation, which is key to deriving the maximum value from data technology.

Multi-Cloud Solutioning

Multi-cloud is a reality today where business applications run across a mix of CSPs. This is beneficial both from the best-fit and business continuity perspectives. At CK, we realise this as a business need of our customers and work collaboratively to build data pipelines that ingest, process (ETL/ELT), storage and analyze data across multi-cloud applications.

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

Forecasting and predicting future outcomes using modern machine learning and AI engines is the next frontier for most businesses that have sizable historical data. CK teams help customers realize this requirement by using cloud-native ML and AI tools and services to rapidly build predictive models on the cloud.