ARCUS Cloud Management Platform: Get More From Your Cloud Assets!

Arcus is a cutting-edge customizable & extensible Cloud Management Framework from Cloud Kinetics. A self-service platform, Arcus helps our clients accelerate their business use of cloud while optimizing cloud TCO. It presents an intuitive interface and simplifies provisioning, management and monitoring of multi-cloud assets.

Optimize your cloud infrastructure assets

ARCUS is a vertical-agnostic platform that presents a rich set of capabilities for automation, operation monitoring and management of your cloud assets.

Best-in-class features to operate, monitor, manage

  • Dynamic & Customizable Dashboards
  • Multi-Cloud Monitoring & Alerting
  • Open API Integration
  • Resource Provisioning
  • Catalog – IAC-based Provisioning
  • Cloud Activity Scheduling
  • Automated Spend Forecast
  • Advanced Cost Analytics
  • Service Request Integration

Easy deployment

  • Launch servers from catalogue or image
  • Create backups
  • Create and attach disk storage
  • Configure network security elements, load balancer and static external IP
  • Create KeyPair for secure access to servers

Efficient management

  • Multi-User and Multi-Cloud Account
  • Automated Spend Forecast using AWS Forecast
  • Custom monitoring app and database server parameters
  • Cloud activity trail
  • Group cloud resources as stacks

Effective optimization

  • Advanced Cost Analytics
  • Budget tracking and spend alerts
  • Spend analysis on tagged resources
  • Ad-hoc drill-down reports with filters
  • Export custom reports
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