Cloud Native Application Security (CNAPP): Why It’s a Game-Changer In Cybersecurity

You can also download the CNAPP Cloud Security Handbook HERE

As more organizations embrace the cloud, securing cloud-native applications has become increasingly complex. Fragmented multi-vendor solutions attempt – and struggle – to shield an attack surface that’s expansive, dynamic and vulnerable. The solution to this growing challenge in cybersecurity could lie in cloud-native application protection platform or CNAPP.

CNAPP is a comprehensive solution that gives DevSecOps and DevOps teams unified automated security that oversees containers, workloads, compliance and more – the entire application lifecycle. It is being used by organizations to crank up security as well as visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud, and private and public cloud environments. But first, let’s see why there’s such a strong case for CNAPP and how it fares over traditional solutions.

Why traditional cybersecurity solutions aren’t always optimal

How did security end up being so complicated? Organizations have grown their cloud investments over time and added solutions and products in phases, organically. The accompanying security products layered over these have also been heterogeneous and operated in silos. The result? DevSecOps is fashioned sometimes from as many as 10 different tools each working in isolation!

Add to that the fact that cloud environments often involve microservices, containerization or serverless architecture. A far cry from traditional IT environments. This is why traditional intrusion detection and firewalls just don’t cut it when it comes to the distributed and dynamic cloud environments of today. These modes of security were designed to serve a fixed network perimeter like a data centre. Not the complex distributed cloud environments that are par for the course today.

The most significant driver is the need to unify risk visibility across the entire hybrid application and across the entire application life cycle. This simply cannot be achieved using separate and siloed security and legacy application testing offerings. – 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

Your cloud security & CNAPP

What is CNAPP? A cloud-native application protection platform offers a simplified security architecture to enable enterprises to reduce complexity and costs of security solutions that operate in silos. CNAPP lets a business benefit from a unified continuous security structure without any added investments by way of more manpower or investment in more tools.

The compelling case for CNAPP in cybersecurity

The global CNAPP market is set to grow at 19.9% (CAGR) between 2022 and 2027, to USD 19.3 billion, driven by a growing risk of breaches and reported incidents of cyber threats, an increasing use of cloud solutions, a manpower crunch within the IT security teams in-house, as well as the potential vulnerability posed by an increasingly WFH/remote workforce.

By 2025, 60% of enterprises will have consolidated cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) and cloud security posture management (CSPM) capabilities to a single vendor, up from 25% in 2022. 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

CNAPP was built to protect cloud-based infrastructure and applications. The solution is agile, dynamic and scalable. Large existing cloud users like ISVs and SaaS companies have begun to see the benefits of CNAPP.

The issue of combined risk is something CNAPP is capable of dealing with. While security solutions like cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM), cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) and cloud security posture management (CSPM) do offer data on vulnerability and risk they are unable to come together in a way that – as Gartner puts it – connects the dots. CNAPP identifies the effective risk across the various layers that comprise cloud-native applications, helping prioritize risk and easing the burden on overstretched security and developer teams.

mitigate cyber security threats with CNAPP

Here are some features of CNAPP that make it the smart choice for enterprises that operate in the cloud.

  • Is a combined cloud security solution
  • Is purpose-built for cloud-native environments
  • Is integrated with the app development life cycle
  • Does not add additional complexity to the application
  • Supports scanning and quick response to any misconfiguration

How to choose a CNAPP solution

There is a palpable shift underway in the market, to consolidate cloud security solutions and benefit from the ease and visibility that a single CNAPP solution brings.

If you are considering CNAPP, here is a quick guide to choosing the right partner. The exercise will be most effective if those doing the selection are drawn from the various teams that will be involved with or impacted by the solution – namely, developers, development security, app security, cloud security, workload security and middleware security teams.

mitigate cyber security threats with CNAPP

Make a CNAPP decision for your cybersecurity!

Finding a good partner for your CNAPP solution is critical and Cloud Kinetics has the expertise you need. Cloud Kinetics offers CNAPP in partnership with Plerion, an all-in-one Cloud Security Platform that supports workloads across AWS, Azure and GCP. If securing your entire cloud with an all-in-one cloud security platform is on your mind, we can help!

mitigate cyber security threats with CNAPP

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You can also download the CNAPP Cloud Security Handbook Here

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