Storming The Gaming World With Google Kubernetes Engine

Augmented-Reality 3D card game RoboWorld received early recognition for its potential as a breakthrough game. With ambitious plans to storm the gaming world with an unmatched immersive gameplay, they now needed a cloud solution that was cost effective yet scalable and agile.

The creators of RoboWorld aim to capture the imaginations of billions of players as they bring their games to the global market. With exciting gameplay, a new reality experience with cutting-edge AR technology, ownership of in-game items via NFTs, and a recommendation system-based Marketplace, the agile startup is on the cusp of something big.

Challenge: Managing growth and scale with a cost-effective solution

The RoboWorld team was looking to offer an unparalleled gaming experience to global gamers. The augmented reality-backed immersive gameplay had to be seamless and scalable. In preparation for rapid growth and agility, the team also needed a cost-effective cloud solution that was easy to set up and easy to monitor.

“Our vision for the future of blockchain gaming is to create a reality-based, decentralized assets strategy card game that delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. With the help of augmented reality and a global player base, we aim to build a unique universe where players can battle opponents and interact with audiences, creating a dynamic advertising platform that can promote brands and distribute news in a real environment surrounding the game,” says Louis Le, CTO, RoboWorld

Solution: Unlocking a world of options with GKE to build agility & responsiveness

In consultation with the Cloud Kinetics’ team of cloud experts, the team evaluated options. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) emerged as the frontrunner with its flexible pricing model and competitive offering. The sustained-use and committed-use discounts that GCP offered would help them see reduced costs over time, a compelling choice for an early-stage startup, according to the game’s creators.

What’s more, the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) allowed for a seamless move from on-premise to the cloud and was also easy to set up. GKE also promised to reduce the requirement for ongoing manual maintenance of the master cluster and scaling of nodes. All in all, this would make for a more efficient and convenient user experience and help them deliver on their vision.

We partnered with Cloud Kinetics to help us onboard and optimize our usage of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With Cloud Kinetics’ expertise, we were able to navigate the complex GCP environment and quickly get up to speed with the latest best practices. Louis Le, CTO, RoboWorld

Outcome: Accelerated time to market and boost to player engagement

With a global audience for the game, the team anticipated the need for efficiently handling spikes and troughs in usage. Using GKE helped enable:

  • Stability and reliability
  • High availability across multiple zones
  • Ability to handle troughs and spikes in player usage
  • Auto-scaling when needed
  • Tools for easy monitoring

Cloud Kinetics has been working closely with the RoboWorld team to tap the full benefits of Google Cloud, as they revolutionize the gaming industry and build a shared experience that blurs the lines between reality and gaming.

On the experience so far, the CTO of team RoboWorld says, “We partnered with Cloud Kinetics to help us onboard and optimize our usage of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through a grant program. With Cloud Kinetics’ expertise, we were able to navigate the complex GCP environment and quickly get up to speed with the latest best practices.”

“The Cloud Kinetics team helped us develop a customized solution that met our specific needs and ensured we were able to take full advantage of the GCP grant. Their guidance and support throughout the process were invaluable, allowing us to optimize our usage of GCP and accelerate our time to market. Overall, Cloud Kinetics was an instrumental partner in our successful GCP implementation and optimization.” Louis Le added.

Partnering for future growth and next-gen gaming

Google Cloud’s suite of products and services like Cloud Spanner will play a key role in helping the company scale up and optimize its gaming platform. For instance, Cloud Spanner’s scalable, fully managed relational database service, will help keep the game running seamlessly and smoothly as the player base expands and newer features get added to the gaming experience. The team also plans to leverage Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities to bring an unprecedented degree of personalization for players, increasing engagement and enhancing the RoboWorld game experience.

They are also keen to explore Google Cloud’s Internet of Things (IoT) services to help capture and analyze data from connected devices.

A spate of exciting events is planned in the lead-up to the official launch of RoboWorld. This includes a Pre-Alpha test for their communities, a Public boxes sale with support from ImmutableX in March, and the official game launch later in the year. The right cloud environment and cloud operations support will help strengthen the company as they gear up for these.

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