Establishing A Secure Foundation For A Public Govt Portal With Kubernetes

About the client

A Singapore government agency that serves both individual and corporate financial needs


The client needed a cost-effective solution for a public portal that addresses the government mandate on security compliance at different levels – Data, Network and Application, without compromising on security and performance. Scalability was a key consideration as well to accommodate traffic spike and prevent service downtime or disruptions experienced by the end users.


To meet the government regulations on data protection, network security and application security, Cloud Kinetics proposed a highly secured network design based on the government guidelines, and completed containerized application deployment with Kubernetes (EKS). Best-in-class security components with both Azure-native and third-party components were leveraged to ensure that the system is fully compliant with all the requirements. Cloud Kinetics also deployed core application and support components as PaaS on Azure to provide a higher level of security and optimize resource utilization.

  • Complete containerized application deployment with Kubernetes (EKS)
  • Highly secured network design based on government guidelines
  • Leverages best-in-class security components with both Azure-native and 3rd party components catering to the requirements
  • Core application and support components deployed as PaaS to leverage the cloud-native features of the CSP

Success Metrics

  • Cost: Cost-effective solution deployed to meet the security mandate within budget
  • Security & Governance: Solution designed to be compliant with Singapore Government guidelines
  • Process Improvement: Enable portability and flexibility with containerized application
Tags: Kubernetes App Modernization Cloud Security