Building A Robust Security System With Kubernetes For A Seamless Customer Experience

About the client

A global finance services company with major APAC and Middle East focus that serves individual & corporate financials needs.


Financial institutions are among the most heavily regulated sectors, and as a global finance services company, the client has to comply with a set of stringent information and data security compliance requirements. It required a robust yet compliant solution for efficient cloud infrastructure management as well as handle dynamic demand of cloud infrastructure resources. Automated deployment across branches was also needed to ensure that security updates or changes can be implemented swiftly and consistently across all branches, enabling greater operational efficiency.


Cloud Kinetics completed the containerized application deployment with Kubernetes (EKS) to standardize the deployment and management of containerized applications across different environments. To ensure optimal performance, Cloud Kinetics worked with the client to come up with a roadmap for phase-wise deployment of in-scope applications to cloud across all branches. The coordinated rollout helped the client to reduce risks of disruptions, optimize cost, better manage security risks, and speed up time-to market for new applications and services.

  • Complete containerized application deployment with Kubernetes (EKS)
  • Complete MAS-TRM 2021 compliance
  • Roadmap for phase wise deployment of in-scope applications to cloud across branches
  • Infrastructure-As-Code (IAC) design templates development with HashiCorp Terraform, as per governance requirements
  • Policy based infrastructure deployment aligned with application development lifecycle

Success Metrics

  • Speed: Over 35 IAC modules developed in a rapid 5-week engagement
  • Governance: Delivered complete MAS-TRM 2021 compliance requirements
  • Process Improvement: Containerized application with Kubernetes (EKS)
Tags: Kubernetes EKS App Modernization Banking & FSI Cloud Migration Cloud Solutions Containerization HashiCorp