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About the client

ANGKASA PURA SUPORT, PT Established in 2012, Angkasa Pura Support (APS) is one of the four subsidiaries of Angkasa Pura I (Persero), provides international standard, comprehensive, and integrated property maintenance services, and supports other services required for the management of airports that hold the international standard.
Manufacturing & Logistics


APS faced unrelenting challenges that have compounded to threaten their capacity, efficiency, security, and ultimately the user experience. With the utmost need for intelligent ops management, automation, and integrated monitoring, analysis & reporting, APS requires a partner who can support and maintain their IT cloud operations with relevant expertise, qualifications, and experience.


As one of the trusted premier partners in Southeast Asia on Google Cloud, Cloud Kinetics deployed and provided MSP Support for APS Cloud environment with scalable and multi-tiered managed environment support, fronted by the 24/7 NOC team additional supporting ops team for L2 and L3 escalation support for additional posture.

Success Metrics

  • With the implemented solution from CK’s Managed Services, the APS cloud environment is now securely managed.
  • Our Managed Services team continues to help APS maintain the committed agreed uptime SLA with tight response time for accessing the application through its Managed Services support team.

Thank you for your cooperation and support while managing GCP services for us. Keep up the excellent work. We look forward to your maintaining the same service levels and continuing to supporting us in the future. -Indra S.Mara VP, ICT, PT. Angkasa Pura Suport

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