Application Migration On Google Cloud For A Government Agency

About the client

BMKG is a Non-Departmental Indonesian Government Institution tasked in the fields of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics monitoring in Indonesia.


As the Government agency responsible for alerting citizens about earthquakes, BMKG was looking to improve its earthquake alert information system reliability, to maintain stable performance, and to be able to use Cloud Computing technology effectively for live Staging, test and development without disruption to critical day-to-day operational business processes.

Furthermore, as the agency is responsible for issuing early warning signals to the citizens of Indonesia, BMKG needed to work with a trusted partner to handle the migration of their systems to cloud with minimal or near-zero downtime and rapid deployment. It also needed to ensure that the cloud infrastructure was highly available and reliable.

BMKG required managed services support to proactively and continuously monitor their cloud infrastructure performance in order to achieve the highest standard of SLA to the users. With people’s lives at stake, BMKG needed to work with a Managed Services Provider who could ensure the strictest adherence to the SLA.


Cloud Kinetics rolled out a plan to help BMKG lead and pioneer the IT infrastructure transition from cost centres to business centres. This leveraged Cloud Computing to support existing applications and provided infrastructure in a cloud environment that could get extensive traffic access.

Increasing urbanization and strong dependence on complex infrastructure for telecommunications and transport have led to a demand for an early warning system for earthquakes that send warnings to the population. With the Google Cloud App Engine, their infrastructure can perform effortlessly and without any disruption.

The Managed Services Support team at Cloud Kinetics conducted health monitoring of the client’s system and infrastructure, and performed configuration settings upon any changes or updates to improve service performance.

Success Metrics

  • Alerts delivery now 10x faster due to the elastic architecture
  • Efficient, scalable and reliable application and content delivery system
  • Enabled near 100% uptime SLA due to google cloud app engine scalability
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