Cloud Kinetics for
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Cloud Kinetics leverages Google Cloud’s robust solutions and technologies to drive key business goals and transformative change for enterprises.


Premier Partner

  • GCP Certified Managed Service Provider
  • Infrastructure Services Specialization
  • Cloud Migration Services Specialization
  • VM Migration Expertise
  • Google Cloud Compute Expertise
  • Google Cloud Networking Expertise
  • Cloud Interconnect Initiative
  • Products: Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace, Google for Education
Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Security Posture Assessment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • Active - Passive DR Solution
  • Active - Active DR Solution
  • Hybrid Connectivity
  • Multi-Cloud Migration
Modernization Solutions
  • Application CI/CD Pipeline
  • Migrating Monolith - Microservices - Serverless Cloud Native
Messaging & Collaboration
  • Migrating from Messaging Server to GWS
  • GWS Education Implementation
  • Change Management & Training
  • Managed Support
Data Solutions
  • Migration Assessment & Advisory
  • Warehouse Migration Assessment & Advisory
  • Pipeline Scheduling & Orchestration
  • Event-Based Realtime Data Pipeline
  • CDC-Based Data Ingestion/Collection (Debezium, Kafka)
  • Data Lake on Cloud - Design & Implementation
  • HA Postgres Cluster on VMs
  • Open Source Data Discovery Tools: Datahub, Amundsen

Awards & Recognition

2x Google Cloud Rising Star Partner