Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery For An Agribusiness:
Securing The Harvest

About the client

The customer is a state-owned manufacturing enterprise involved in the production and trading of fertilizers, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, and other agricultural products.

Facing the ever-present threat of disruptions, a leading state-run agribusiness sought to bolster its disaster recovery (DR) and backup capabilities. Here’s how Google Cloud and Cloud Kinetics helped them build a resilient infrastructure.


The agribusiness’s DR challenges: Securing data, enabling continuity

Amidst a major IT infrastructure transition, the agribusiness recognized the urgent need for a dependable data backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution. Their priorities were clear: safeguarding their data against the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, particularly ransomware, and ensuring their operations wouldn’t be significantly disrupted if an attack occurred. This case study explores how Google Cloud’s backup and DR solutions equipped them to meet these crucial objectives, providing a strong foundation for their evolving IT infrastructure.


Empowering business continuity with efficient data protection

Cloud Kinetics recommended and implemented Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution to address the agribusiness’s critical needs. This comprehensive service is specifically designed to safeguard a variety of data sources, including:

  • Cloud storage repositories: This ensures crucial information stored in the cloud is protected.
  • Databases (like SAP, MySQL, and SQL Server): Secures vital business data stored in various database management systems.
  • Applications: Protects the integrity and functionality of essential business applications.
  • Virtual Machines (VMs) across various environments: This includes VMs running on Compute Engine, VMware Engine, or even on-premises VMware environments, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • File systems: Safeguards important data organized within file systems.

Within three weeks, over 90 workload instances were secured by Cloud Kinetics, ensuring critical operations were rapidly protected against potential disruptions.

GCP Cloud Backup and DR goes beyond basic backups by generating application- and crash-consistent backups. This advanced approach ensures data integrity and minimizes downtime during a potential attack, allowing for a swift and efficient recovery process. By leveraging Google Cloud’s robust backup and DR solution, the agribusiness can now confidently navigate their IT infrastructure transformation while maintaining robust data protection and business continuity.

Success Metrics

Disaster recovery & data protection with GCP: From vulnerable to resilient

The agribusiness’s decision to implement Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Backup & DR solution, facilitated by Cloud Kinetics, yielded significant improvements in their data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.

Here’s a closer look at the key DR achievements:

  • Swift deployment: Within three weeks, over 90 workload instances were secured by Cloud Kinetics, ensuring critical operations were rapidly protected against potential disruptions.
  • Optimized backups: Utilizing the “incremental forever” backup strategy, data transmission time, network bandwidth usage and storage consumption were significantly reduced, as only incremental changes were transmitted and stored, rather than full backups every time. This meant reduced storage costs, lower network bandwidth usages as well as lower hardware requirements for backup servers and storage devices.

The incremental forever backup strategy saved time and storage space and translated to substantial cost savings for the organization.

  • Enhanced recovery: The restore and recovery process was streamlined, with a completion time of under a minute. This minimized downtime in the event of an incident, enabling the agribusiness to swiftly restore access to critical data and maintain operational continuity.

Restore & recovery process was streamlined to under a minute, minimizing downtime and ensuring swift data access and operational continuity.

The agribusiness is now equipped with a robust data protection and disaster recovery strategy, empowering them to confidently navigate their IT infrastructure transformation while ensuring their data remains secure and readily recoverable.

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