Cloud Kinetics for
Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Cloud Kinetics leverages Google Cloud’s robust solutions and technologies to drive key business goals and robust change for enterprises.

Combine the transformational power of Google Cloud with Cloud Kinetics’ real-world expertise  – we provide consulting, migration, integration and managed services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) across Asia (including Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia), Australia and the United States.


GCP certifications & competencies

  • GCP Certified Managed Service Provider
  • Infrastructure Services Specialization
  • Cloud Migration Services Specialization
  • VM Migration Expertise
  • Google Cloud Compute Expertise
  • Google Cloud Networking Expertise
  • Cloud Interconnect Initiative
  • Products: Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace, Google for Education
Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Security Posture Assessment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • Active - Passive DR Solution
  • Active - Active DR Solution
  • Hybrid Connectivity
  • Multi-Cloud Migration
Modernization Solutions
  • Application CI/CD Pipeline
  • Migrating Monolith - Microservices - Serverless Cloud Native
Messaging & Collaboration
  • Migrating from Messaging Server to GWS
  • GWS Education Implementation
  • Change Management & Training
  • Managed Support
Data Solutions
  • Migration Assessment & Advisory
  • Warehouse Migration Assessment & Advisory
  • Pipeline Scheduling & Orchestration
  • Event-Based Realtime Data Pipeline
  • CDC-Based Data Ingestion/Collection (Debezium, Kafka)
  • Data Lake on Cloud - Design & Implementation
  • HA Postgres Cluster on VMs
  • Open Source Data Discovery Tools: Datahub, Amundsen

Awards & Recognitions

2x Google Cloud Rising Star Partner