Webinar- FinOps 101: Master The Art Of Cloud Financial Management


Aubrey Bent
FinOps Managed Services Director
Cloud Kinetics
Brian Lim
Industry Technical Specialist

According to a recent survey conducted by the FinOps Foundation, organizations that have adopted a FinOps culture stand to save 30% on their cloud spending.

A sound FinOps culture translates to:

  • Better visibility into cloud spending
  • Optimization of resources
  • Improved collaboration between finance, engineering, and operations teams
  • Faster time to market and increased innovation

In this exclusive panel discussion, participants explored this further and learned about managing cloud spend, while optimizing time and resources.

Panelists included:

  • Aubrey Bent, FinOps Practice Lead at Cloud Kinetics, with 20+ years of IT and focused Cloud Financial Management experience
  • Brian Lim, Industry Technical Specialist at Intel, with expertise in optimizing and protecting critical applications and data storage on Cloud

The discussion was followed by Q&A and opportunities to connect one on one.

For many participants, it proved the perfect opportunity to get invaluable insights from industry experts and jumpstart their FinOps journey. Stay tuned for more such webinars!

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