Unshackle Your Data: Draw Rich Insights & Make Smart Business Decisions With Your Data

Data can make or break your business!

With the exponential growth of data, legacy databases are falling short on scalability and flexibility. Research shows that data silos pose one of the major roadblocks to informed decision-making across enterprises.

Join us on 22 June for an insightful Workshop with Snowflake, AWS and Cloud Kinetics as we show you how to break free from legacy databases and data silos by building a strong modern data foundation.

Why attend?

Through power-packed sessions, you’ll gain expert insights on how to overcome data silos with a single source of truth, democratize data access and strike the best balance between data sharing and security.


  • Why data is a double-edged sword
  • Value of data modernization & obstacles organizations face while migrating legacy data
  • Key considerations for a successful legacy data migration
  • The power of Snowflake Data Cloud
  • End-to-end data warehousing in Snowflake
  • Centralization of data warehouses and lakes into a single system
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