Migrate, Modernize And Thrive: Innovate With Speed In The Cloud

Encountering bottlenecks that keep your business from innovating? Lacking the speed and agility to bring new services to the market? Seeking to scale and modernize but not sure how to start?

This event offered the right answers.

Presented by AWS, Veeam, Intel and Cloud Kinetics, this exciting Lunch & Learn was specially designed for SMBs in Singapore and deep dove into ways to accelerate your business growth with the power of cloud.

When it comes to the cloud, it’s better late than never. The cloud levels the playing field for SMBs, and for enterprises, it continues to provide immense opportunities for efficiency, reliability and expansion.

Other questions participants asked and found answers to included:

  • Roadmap for a successful Modernization-led Migration: How can you take a cloud-smart approach to create a robust and scalable cloud ecosystem?
  • Modern Data Protection: How to ensure your data is both secured and protected, and more importantly, recoverable?
  • Maximizing Performance on the Cloud: How do you leverage cloud management tools to optimize performance and reduce cost for a broad spectrum of cloud workloads?

With real business concerns like aging infrastructure, business continuity, and disaster recovery, there is a clear ROI for the transition to the cloud. If you’re looking to grow your business to new heights, stay tuned for our next insight-laden lunch & learn!

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