Innovate Together: Seamless Integration Strategies For Bridging Development & Business

Join us on an enlightening journey into the world of collaborative software development at our exclusive webinar series, “Innovate Together: Seamless Integration Strategies For Bridging Development & Business”

Deep dive into the pivotal role that proactive planning, stakeholder involvement, API design, and effective documentation play in successful software projects.

Event Highlights

Proactive Documentation

» Importance of prioritizing documentation in software development

» Challenges from poor documentation and how to overcome them

Integration of Stakeholders

» Involving business, 3rd party developers, and designers early on.

» Examples of successful projects due to early collaboration.

API-First Approach

» Benefits of adopting an API-first approach

» Collaborative API specification for consensus before coding

Building a Developer Ecosystem

» Strategies for creating a vibrant developer community

» Implementing “eating your own dog food” concept for consistent API usage

Documentation as Acceptance Criteria

» Incorporating documentation in agile acceptance criteria

» Best practices for planning documentation during sprints

Ensuring Security and Compliance

» Use of authentication, authorization and service quotas

» Proactive documentation for meeting security and compliance needs

Why Join Us

  • Gain insights from industry experts and seasoned professionals to finetune your dev approach
  • Connect with like-minded innovators, collaborate and share your experiences.
  • Stay up to date on the latest trends, tools and best practices shaping the software development landscape

Don’t miss this opportunity to build and enhance your collaborative development journey!

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In Conversation With

Heath Christie
Managing Director
Cloud Kinetics ANZ
Lucas Eagleton
Technology Head
Cloud Kinetics ANZ
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