HashiCorp Vault And AWS Immersion Day

This exclusive Vault Immersion Day hosted by AWS, HashiCorp and Cloud Kinetics proved to be a high-impact event in which participants gained deep insights and practical knowledge about Zero Trust Security, Compliance and Intelligent Automation.

Embracing the full potential of Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust has emerged as a ground-breaking security framework that challenges traditional notions of security. During this immersive event, our experts guided participants through its core principles and delved into protecting critical and sensitive enterprise assets, maintaining data integrity and minimizing cyber risks.

Other highlights included:

  •  Pugar Jayanegara, Solution Architect at AWS spoke on leveraging AWS’s trusted identity platform to secure, store, and access credentials and resources. Participants also learned about shared responsibility and technical compliance.
  • Hendra Tanto, Sr Solutions Engineer from HashiCorp showcased the power of Vault and how it can help securely manage secrets and protect sensitive data.
  • Participants also discovered the crucial role of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in successful digital modernization with Lilik Supriyadi, Solution Architect, Cloud Kinetics. With IaC, you can optimize your cloud operations, increase agility, and ensure compliance

The event proved to be a great opportunity to engage with industry-leading experts and gain a competitive edge.  Stay tuned for the next one!

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