From Cloud-First to Cloud-Smart: Dinner & Drinks With Cloud Kinetics x AWS x Intel

When it comes to the cloud, it’s better late than never. Our recent dinner & drinks in Bangkok gathered industry leaders as we explored what it takes to assess, plan and execute a successful migration to the cloud.


We had robust discussions and insights from the experts who attended on:

  • Unlocking Cloud Potential: Uncovering manifold cloud benefits beyond cost savings
  • Architecting Cloud-Smart Strategy: Designing a well-defined modernization-led migration roadmap to drive unmatched agility and innovation
  • Supercharging Cloud Operational Excellence: Optimizing efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness with cloud management tools

Interested in driving your own cloud transformation? Connect with our cloud experts for a no-obligation discussion here. We look forward to helping you power your migration journey and transform into a modern business!

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