Automate & Innovate Series #1: Unlock Operational Excellence with Terraform

Drive cloud-powered innovation with a resilient infrastructure foundation

Automate everything!

As modern architectures and services become more distributed, the sheer volume of compute nodes increases significantly. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a way to codify the infrastructure that increases agility, reduces risk, and reduces cost.

Enter HashiCorp Terraform, the industry-leading IaC platform that provides a secure workflow for each step of your cloud adoption journey.

We had the pleasure of hosting professionals from diverse sectors for an insightful Lunch & Learn with HashiCorp, AWS and Cloud Kinetics.

What was covered:

  • Learn how Terraform can bridge provisioning skill gaps and build secure and reusable modules for consistency
  • Learn how to leverage Terraform to gain visibility into all resources throughout your infrastructure lifecycle
  • Dive into real-world use cases and best practices to scale and innovate in a multi-cloud world
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