Ansible And Terraform: Better Together!

With hybrid and multi-cloud on the rise, Ansible Automation Platform and HashiCorp Terraform have emerged as the two most powerful and popular automation tools for configuration management and orchestration.

On 24 Aug Red Hat, HashiCorp, AWS and Cloud Kinetics took participants through an automation roadmap, exploring how you can automate your way to compliant, reliable and efficient cloud operations. Key speakers demonstrated how both solutions can be integrated to orchestrate and configure cloud resources to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Highlights included:

  • Deep dive into Ansible Automation Platform and HashiCorp Terraform: HashiCorp Terraform for Cloud
  • Provisioning and Ansible Automation Platform as Central Orchestrator of Automation
  • Deploying to AWS with Ansible Automation Platform and HashiCorp Terraform: Common use cases and best practices
  • Engaging Live Demo: Achieving faster, seamless and reliable end-to-end automation
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