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DevOps: where to start?


DevOps. We never get enough of reading the term these days. For those who have not been around to explore this, they wonder where to start. The published materials on AWS would be a good starting point. It educates people on how to build the right foundation and customized narratives based on the reader’s need.

Most would also wonder how it compares to the typical traditional on-premises ops that they have been used to run in the past 5, 10, 20 years. They have evolved from a baremetal siloed workloads, monolith apps, virtualization world, containerizing their applications, and now this?

Rather than asking pointless question, why don’t we start getting our hands dirty. AWS defines the needs to be a fully managed service so that you can get going fast, while at the same time building up for scale, and PROGRAMMABLE. Now, the later statement really embodies the culture of DevOps.

You want to automate your way of building the application stacks, automating different manual tasks such as your network definitions, access control lists, user priviledges, virtual machines configurations, up to config management.

What about the security in DevOps?


Of course, it would not be left behind. We can still streamline the AWS IAM policies, set up permissions, allowing the granular control to manage your resources, set by the CODE.

All those benefits above, with the same cloud economics that AWS has been allowing their users to enjoy. Wouldn’t that be great?

Get tinkering now on DevOps with AWS! Contact us to find out more how you can embrace the DevOps journey!

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