Driving Container Orchestration With Kubernetes


Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform. It enables the operation of a flexible web server framework for cloud applications. It also automates many manual processes involved in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications.

Kubernetes allows organizations to orchestrate containers. Either you can set up core on-prem Kubernetes for your workloads, or you can use the managed Kubernetes engines from major cloud vendors. You can also deploy your workloads on a hybrid Kubernetes model by extending on-prem to cloud and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments.

Professional Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes drives the container orchestration and management of micro-services. Cloud Kinetics helps enterprises to modernize their legacy apps and build cloud-native and serverless applications by automating deployments using CI/CD and security configurations.

  • Application Modernization
  • Cloud-Native Solutions
  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud-Native and Microservices Applications

Professional Services Offerings

  • Consult & Assess
  • Architect & Design
  • Implement & Migrate

Managed Services Offerings

  • Maintenance & Support
  • Platform Support
  • Cluster Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Security & Monitoring

Customized Training

Cloud Kinetics Learning (CKL) offers lab activities for Kubernetes and contextualizes them for your organization’s environment. We recreate your environment and mirror your implementation as close as possible in the lab. CKL also offers customized tech training for your staff to appreciate Kubernetes insights. Customized or standard courses are delivered via virtual or on-prem or stand-alone lab activities.

Plug and Play Offerings

Most enterprises seek to leverage their public cloud capabilities. In this journey, they need to make several decisions. For example, they must decide whether a public or a private cloud is ideal for them. And which cloud services and technologies they should deploy. And how to extend their workloads from on-prem model to specific clouds or multiple clouds.

With Cloud Kinetics’ hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes solution, we help customers to adopt the right hybrid or multi-cloud strategy aligned with their business needs.

Why Kubernetes

It is an open-source solution that

  • Allows to orchestrate containers.
  • Makes it easy to manage application deployments and updates.
  • Automates application deployments.
  • Manages workloads on the fly by auto-scaling containerized applications.
  • Make efficient use of resources needed to run enterprise applications.
  • Brings in DevOps efficiency.
  • Makes monitoring, health-check, and managing more straightforward.
  • Helps mount and add storage to run stateful apps.
  • Offers hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility.
  • Self-heals your application with replica sets, auto-placement, auto-restart, auto replication, and autoscaling.

Why work with Cloud Kinetics

Cloud Kinetics is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) offering Kubernetes support, consulting, professional services and training for organizations embarking on their Kubernetes journey. We will work with you to determine your key needs and help you with:

  • Overall architectural objectives and approach
  • Kubernetes setup, provisioning and planning
  • Security requirements considerations
  • Software delivery pipeline design
  • Implementation process analysis & planning
  • Supporting tooling review
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