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Webinar – Ready, Set, Migrate!

Ready, Set, Migrate
Webinar – Ready, Set, Migrate!

Cloud Kinetics hosted a webinar on 4 June 2020 in partnership with co-working space provider JustCo. The topic for this webinar was Ready, Set, Migrate! and covered a comprehensive overview of how businesses can begin their digital transformation journey. The webinar gave an insight of how cloud computing has evolved and how companies can leverage the power of cloud to supercharge their business.

The speakers for the webinar – Ready, Set, Migrate were:

Alex Rocha: Sales Director at Cloud Kinetics

Chirag Nayyar: Cloud Specialist at Cloud Kinetics

The agenda for the webinar covered the current challenges faced by companies, followed by 7 steps to start your digital transformation journey, a few use cases and 5 Pro tips to up your cloud game. The attendees also participated in the webinar with a lively question and answer session towards the end of the webinar.

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You can view the Ready, Set, Migrate webinar on our YouTube Channel or write in to us at for more information.

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